Spoiler: Callie and Arizona Future

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TV Guide has released a tiny spoiler-ish item about Callie and Arizona’s rocky relationship. Look below the cut if you dare…

I’m tired of Callie and Arizona fighting on Grey’s Anatomy. Is there happiness ahead for them? — Nicole
ADAM: The people behind the show are big fans of the Calzona pairing and are committed to seeing the couple through their differences over having a baby. But don’t take my word for it. “I really do feel like Callie and Arizona are made for each other,” creator Shonda Rhimes tells us. “They’re one of those couples that you adore seeing together, and when they’re in pain, you’re in pain. … So I think that there’s hope.”

(Source | TV Guide Mega Buzz)

I find it difficult to hear Shonda saying anything without over-analyzing it…:| But there’s hope, so I’m guessing that’s a good thing. I hope. ;-)

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  1. Isn’t that something – Calzona shippers are in pain but there’s hope(she thinks)

    I feel so much better now…………. :shock:

    • @littlebailey, Hahaha, my thought exactly. Such a relief…… :shock:

  2. Shonda, I believe your original comment was “They ARE MFEO” to “I really do feel like Callie and Arizona are made for each other” and “so I think there’s hope”. Can you please make up your mind because you’re driving all of us fangirls…out of our minds!! :shock:

  3. Another spoiler that does not clarify anything. She is so good in confusing us. Making us happy,making us doubt again, pushing us even deeper in our fears :sad: .
    Ok, so I thought they would not break up because it would be Crowen. Now I have fears again. But imagine they break up it will not be long time, because Shonda will be in pain too, so I guess she wants to be cured soon (just like we). But still, I keep hoping that it won’t be them!

  4. I like callie and arizona to but i don’t like them like this they need to be happy and this whole baby thing need to be put on hold and see was going to happen becasue Shonda Rhimes need to come up with something else beside this baby thing.

  5. in one of her interviews, jcappers said that calzona come very very close to breaking up but then they get back together or stay together, so i am hoping she is referring to this whole issue.

    • @jcappuccino, Do you know where you read this article? I would like to read it. Thanks.


    • @DANA ORDANIC, Callie REALLY wants a baby. And it’s not like wanting a car, it’s not some stupid thing you can put aside just because your partner doesn’t think it’s a good idea. It’s something they have to figure out, so it’s not just Callie. It’s BOTH of them. (Although the whole baby thing REALLY came out of no where)

  7. You guys, it’s a serial drama, not a serial happily ever after. Shonda is right – if characters are happy, viewers get bored. And I actually like this storyline, because it shows they are serious about the couple. And if they just dropped the baby storyline, it would be a ridiculous turn of events. A lot of people would be annoyed, because you don’t just drop this stuff. I really like Callie and Arizona – and I like their scenes over this. EVEN if they break them up, it will be Derek and Meredith style, meaning they’ll put them back together and make it this whole keep us on the edge of our seats waiting bit, too. Which will totally drive me nuts, but will still make me tune in. It’s a market.

    Also, for those who said initially it was resolved last week – no way. But what was so incredible about the end scene last week was that Callie tried to sever her need for a baby because she loves Arizona so much, and Arizona was completely broken by her attempt to do this and tried to stop her because she loves her so much. It was beautifully written. Relationships are complicated. I think they’re doing this really well.

    • @anonymous, AMEN! I couldn’t have said any of your comments any better. I love the Calzona time, drama, and the relationship building of this couple. YAY, Shonda and team!

    • @anonymous, I agree its a drama and some fine writing and acting., I really think they are made for each other- and Shonda was right – when they hurt we hurt – that last scene just ruined my night! You just want to root for both Callie and AZ – trying hard to not hurt each other. Kinda hot to see AZ stand up for herself and in the same night not want to see callie give up on what she needs/wants. Hope to see them have a good solid relationship

  8. That last scene just broke my heart. Callie wants it so bad but you can plainly see AZ don’t want it at all. Maybe they will get through this and it will make them stronger. I know we are going to go into the season final with this hanging over there head probably in a big way. That is going to make me crazy. Before next season comes back in september.

  9. I am a huge Callie and Arizona fan. But I also understand Shonda can’t just say what is going to happen. Some peole would watch if they knew what was going to happen, and some people wouldn’t. Shonda is irratating with her answers but I think she does it because it’s her way of getting back at fans who probable pester her. GA is a drama all couples have had drama. We want instant gratification she’s not going to give it. And I think the drama is really going to strengthing them and probably bring out the best in their relationship. Shonda has said MFEO more then once, and I think she means it or she wouldn’t keep repeating it. And Krista Vernoff loves Callie and Arizona together too. So I think there is hope.

  10. Oh God!! :sad: :roll: I cannot wait another day feeling that Im not sure about what would happen between these two!! :shock:

  11. Maha I’de not hold my breath that something is going to be resolved tomorrow night. But I think that AZ finally got how important this is to Callie by the look on her face. Before she turned over and said Don’t Don’t. My hope was they would get married and buy a home and then start a family. There is something more to this whole AZ not wanting kids. Even though she says she isn’t broken. Something happen to her in the past that makes her so dead set against it. And I think she believes telling Callie what happen would show weakness on her part. I did found it quite refreshing to see AZ get mad and shake her finger at Callie. Up to this point she hasn’t wanted to rock the boat. It was good to see her take up for herself. Callie needs to be understanding. My god AZ has been there for Callie over and over again. Now Callie needs to quit being selfish. And stop pushing AZ. AZ did well not getting mad for awhile. I was already getting pissed. LOL!!! I was talking to the tv saying: My god Callie give it a rest. LOL!!! I would love for them to have this resolved before season 7 starts. But I don’t see it happening. I am not worried about them breaking up. But I hate to see them go through this.

    • @Dimples61, U just said exactly what i wanted to say..Though i disagree with one thing..Callie hev been throgh alot and she needs a healthy relationship which is what AZ brovided for her, and I love her for it.. Callie is alittel bit weaker then AZ.. She has gone throgh alot, the george thing, Erica, then with Mark.. They both know exactly what they want.. Whch is something good..But sometimes u have to secrfice a littel in the name of love…I love them both..Such a refreshing characters and amazing preformances by SR and JCap..

      Thats it..I dont know if u got what Im saing.Im still working on my English ..

      • @Maha Ali, I love them too and that is why this is about to kill me. I find it crazy that I have grown so inlove with them. Same thing happen when Brooke left and disappeared in the hospital parking lot. As much as I loved Brooke. I love AZ more. She is just the sweetest little thing. I know Callie has been through alot. But in AZ she had found the love of her life that understood the things she had been threw and knew her flaws. But still loved her. Even with everything they was going through AZ still wasn’t going to leave her. I pray this isn’t the end of them. You know you don’t see it very often in TV relationship the love that a couple has for each other. But in them I was sold that they was deeply in love. I think alot of it is the fact that they are friends off screen too. That is the whole reason they was paired off in a relationship to start with. SR saw the chemistry they had off screen. She said she watched them goofing around laughing and seen how cute they was together and kept them after a read through and ask them what they thought about being paired off as a couple. They both agreed and Calzone was born. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about this break up and everyone seems to think this is just a blimp in the relationship and they are going to get through this and be OK on the other side. I sure hope this is the case cause my nerves can’t take much more. LOL!!!

  12. Calzona break up 6.22 back again 6.24!

    • @melback, what they are back together in the final????

  13. Hi everyone, I’m new to this site but love everyones comments. I’m still wondering WHY Arizona doesn’t want a baby. In the episode with Mark and the adoptive parents she seemed to take it personal. Are we ever going to know why she is not interested in children? I love this couple..they are honest, and show how deeply they love each other. I hope Shondra’s blip gets over soon…I can’t wait an entire summer to find out that they stayed together..thats just mean LOL They are an amazin couple! Please bring back Callie and Arizona..they can work it out! I’m rooting for them all the way :smile: