Kate Walsh on Facebook!

Posted by on Jul 22, 2010 in Addison Montgomery, Amusement, Gossip, Kate Walsh, Random! | 2 comments

Hey Gabbler’s!

So, we all know Kate Walsh has a twitter account… k8_walsh

Now, she’s moved over to Facebook as well :)

You can go to her official facebook page by clicking HERE!

Thanks to Jamie for lettings us know about this via Contact Us.

I think it’s cute she’s getting involved with social networking and reaching out to her fans that way. I wish more celebrities would do it sometimes, but then again, keeping a private life private and not giving into commercial social networking is something to admire as well. If only I was so strong ;)

Xoxo MadiLovesMerDer


  1. She spoils her fans. I love her for it.

  2. I agree she does spoil her fans but she is so awesome….flipping amazing that Kate Walsh is.