Justin Pictures – New Photoshoot!

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Hey Gabblers – I ran across some pictures of Justin Chambers on Feb 25, 2o11 which are from a new photoshoot that he did.  He looks awesome, as always!  What do you think, is Justin looking good to you?  Click on pictures to enlarge.  Comment below.

(Source|Grey’s Anatomy Fan)

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  1. I’m sorry, but these are not new photos. They are from a photoshoot that Justin did for Germany GQ Style Magazine in 2008. Here is a link to the cover of the magazine that from 2009. Justin Chambers GQ Style Mag: http://jjb.yuku.com/topic/271073
    They are still awesome though :)

    • @lavender_indigo, Thanks for letting me know. Sorry but the post that alerted me about these said it was a new photo shoot. Still, he is good to look at, huh?

  2. OH MY GOD WOW!!!! Could he be any hotter??? I doubt it :)

    • @greysforever, I don’t think so…LOL.

      • @McSunny, Agree!!!!

  3. Those definitely aren’t new. There’s a Justin Chambers site that has them up since 2008 and also has the magazine scans

    But the more Justin the better and he is looking really good in them!

    • @samantha, So sorry, like I said about the feed said it was new stuff.

  4. They don’t look like new pics. This season he’s a looks a little fuller. But these are hot, HOT! He is so darn sexy. All those years of modeling really paid off for him…

    • @Enforce, Nope, apparently they are not new. My info was incorrect but you’re right they are HOT!