JCaps Attends Greening Our Children Lunch. ***Updated***

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Yesterday Jessica Capshaw and her husband Christopher Gavigan attended the Greening Our Children Luncheon in Old Greenwich.

The event was to raise awareness for giving children a healthier and safer lifestyles.

This event benefits the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center whose mission is to discover the preventable environmental causes of disease in children.

Children are not simply “little adults”. They are uniquely sensitive to toxic exposures in the environment. Toxic exposures in early life can affect health and cause disease in childhood and across the entire human life span.

(Source|Greening our Children)

Thank you to Janet for sending this in to us. If we get any video or images, we will put them up!

Since adding Christopher Gavigan to my Twitter follow, I have been a lot more careful on what I feed my son and what I use around the house. It is amazing the difference little changes can make. So I am firmly a believer.


Thanks once again to Janet for letting us know about these pics.

This one was taken by Plum Organics, who attended the event.

And here’s another with Jessica and Christopher on stage.

(Source|Healty Child Healthy World on FB)