Grey’s Stars Tweet from the Set.

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Hey Gabblers.  Grey’s stars Jessica Capshaw, Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams have started tweeting from the set of Season 8.  Check out their tweets below.  Since one could possibly construe the fact that Jessica and Sarah tweeted about who they were filming with as a vague spoiler, I’ve put their tweets below a cut.

(Source|SarahDrewGreys on Twitter)

(Source|JessicaCapshaw on Twitter)

(Source|JesseWilliams_ on Twitter)

I love that we’ve got 3 Grey’s cast members on Twitter now, eager to give us the scoop.  It’s great getting an inside look, even if it’s a small one.  What do you think?  Chat below.

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  1. Jesse’s tweet is the best. lol

  2. Is it wrong to be happy that JCap is shooting with PD and JC because that probably means Dr. Robbins instead of third wheeling C/A/M stuff?

    Of course this is a 2 hr premiere, so…

    • @CM, not at all! Believe me you are not the only one…

    • @CM, I feel the same way. I hope Arizona has some interesting storylines this season. Last season it was all about callie

    • @CM, with ya CM, I want the Dr Robbins who treated Walace, the one who is the best of the best peds surg. back! and would love the fiasco that was CAM to be long gone!!! C/A are married now, Mark needs to disappear from their lives!

  3. Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Owen, and April in one scene together? Can you say fifth wheel? That scene should be interesting, looking forward to it ;-). Glad to see that JW is tweeting a picture of SD and not CL, I’m hoping that’s a sign that we won’t have to watch the Jackson/Lexie relationship for much longer. I may be the only one whose mind went there, but I just wanted to state my wish out loud :grin: .

    • @Samantha, I agree! How great would it be if Lexie went back to Mark finally?? And maybe…just maybe…April and Jackson!

      • @Alethia, Amen to April and Jackson.

  4. Scott Foley/Henry is also on twitter he posted (see below) that he is filming greys next week so looks like henry will show up in the season opener, maybe T/H are another relationship that gets sucked into the sinkhole of angst?

    scott foley
    @sicilja start Greys next week.
    21 Jul

  5. Jcap tweets are the best! She’s amazing.

  6. It’s sooo cool that we can get some goss from 3 cast members now!!!! Can’t wait finally it’s a 2 hour season premiere again :mrgreen:

  7. Der, Mer, Cris & Owen………and april; way to ruin a scene!!