TV Guide’s Ask Matt on Grey’s Future.

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TV Guide’s Matt Roush recently fielded an interesting question on why ABC hasn’t cancelled Grey’s like it just did with Desperate Housewives.  Check out what he had to say below.

Question: The cancellation of Desperate Housewives after Season 8 is surprising, because I know ABC renegotiated for two additional seasons on the main ladies’ contracts, so I had expected its final run to be 2012-13. The show is nowhere near its terrific first season in quality, and has been more erratic than any show I watch besides Glee, but I’m still going to miss it because despite the ridiculous storylines, the characters remain appealing. Honestly, the show has become such an ingrained Sunday night habit that I can’t quite imagine it ending. (The ending of Lost was easier to wrap my head around because it always moved time slots anyway, so the “habit” factor wasn’t part of the equation.) I’m sure I will accept it by May, but I am wondering why this is happening to this show this year instead of to Grey’s Anatomy.

We know that all of Grey’s original cast who are still there (Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens, Jr.) have deals expiring at the end of this season. Other cast members who came in later are probably still under contract, but Sara Ramirez, Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh have, at most, only a few years more themselves. They’ve weathered cast departures before, but I’m not interested in watching the show if they have a mass exodus of main characters all at once. But it seems impossible that ABC would allowGrey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives to both end this year, so I’m not sure why they chose to let Desperate go yet. It seems Grey’s would be the more logical choice to let go off, andDesperate could hang on for 2012-13 because they already renegotiated with the key cast. Grey’shas a much larger key ensemble they need to keep, and I’m afraid of what happens if Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Alex, Bailey and Webber walk out of Seattle Grace at the same time. — Jake

Matt Roush: The difference here being that Marc Cherry, Housewives‘ creator, saw the end looming and took what appears to be a pro-active move to stem further creative (and possibly ratings) decline, whereas Shonda Rhimes doesn’t appear to be at that stage yet with the show that put her on the map. Whether that’s denial remains to be seen, but it’s not a foregone conclusion yet just which or how many Grey’s cast members will stay beyond this season. A mass exodus seems unlikely, but should it become clear that major core characters like Meredith, Derek and a few choice others may not return, that would be the beginning of the end. And I would hate to see Grey’s end up like ER, limping along with second-tier characters for years and fading into the sunset, which is exactly the fate Cherry is hoping to prevent for Housewives by ending it a season early than many expected. I applaud this move, by the way, but am worried that if ABC can’t generate a new hit from this year’s development to become a new Sunday anchor, the network will be in serious trouble. And it’s also why ABC can’t afford to lose its Thursday centerpiece of Grey’s just yet, regardless of how things work out on the show this season.

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Definitely an interesting take on things.  I think he’s right in that most people who love Grey’s would hate to see it die a long, slow death.  Better to end on a high note.  However, I think what is interesting is what people would consider to be a good time for it to come to an end.  There are those who can’t imagine the show without originals like Meredith and Derek.  But then there are those whose favorite characters came later in the show, like Owen or Callie, etc.  How do you feel?  If some originals leave after Season 8, should it end?  Or will you watch even with some major cast departures?  Personally, I’m so addicted to this show, I’ll probably watch til the (hopefully not) bitter end.  What about you?  Sound off below.

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  1. I would probably just continue watching since although Meredith is my favourite character I’m invested in the others also. I hope that the originals do stay on another season but I suppose 8 years is along time so can’t really blame them if they are ready to move on. Also it’s hard to tell how great a season will be after 4 I was pretty dissapointed but s5 was great, s6 was rather forgettable but had a magnificient ending and s7 was just alright, so just got to hope s8 is filled with great writing like the earlier days so the actors can see that there is still a story left to tell so want to stay on more seasons

  2. I’m sure I will still watch Grey’s if the originals are gone but not with the same enthusiasm. Grey’s will never be the same, for me, is MerDer are gone. Lexie can never be the Grey in Grey’s Anatomy. I’m invested in other characters but if the time comes when it all falls to the newer cast there will definitely be a huge hole in the show.

  3. For me it isn’t just a matter of who stays or goes, but also of the quality of the story lines. After what I considered a very poor season 6, (it was the great finale that made me decide to give season 7 a try) I stopped watching season 7 when I realised that all “creativity” the writers had left, went into writing baby-related issues for all the main couples. If they can’t come up with anything more original than that, well, then, for me that’ll be it.

  4. Well… i believe that Grey´s Anatomy has great main characters besides Ellen and Patrick. Actually both mer and derek lost most of their chemistry and mystery within their latest story lines. In the other hand though, i would definitely miss Sandra Oh, the character of Dr. Yang is simply epic!
    But Grey´s has some great characters that might be all you need to stick to the series, if their story lines became more invested in the next season. Besides Callie, Karev, Mark or Lexie (That really need better treatment), you also have Arizona (which has sooooo many possibilities), Owen, Teddy, even Jackson and April. The problem would not be, in my opinion, the massive loss of characters but the lack of investment in the story lines of those that remain.

  5. As a fan of JCap, I started watching when she came on the show. I like the ensemble and wouldn’t stop watching if one or two left but like others here noted, my interest in continuing to watch depends on the quality of the stories being told. The CAM stuff caused me to vote with the remote last year. Bones had more compelling stories second half of last year and Greys I could catch up on later if the ep sounded interesting.

    I just want them to get back to sex and scalpels – interesting cases woven with the docs daily lives (sans all the baby stuff – please no more bottle or sippy cups – sorry but baby stories are just not what I come to Greys to watch) and I’m happy. for me – no balance between cases and the personal lives of ALL the characters and the show is out of balance and not as much fun to watch – YMMV

    • @chris, Agreed! I love jcap! she’s the best :) They basically need to focus on being a medical drama show,not a soap opera. I hope Grey’s steps up it’s game this season. P.S the all boys show not a good idea.That’s something you do during the first season. Please for the love of God give Jcap a great storyline! She deserves to be in the spotlight,not the guy.

  6. Well, I am not watching it now, since Shonda has decided to (*&¨$ it, well, I don´t know, around season 4? If MerDer don´t have chemistry anymore I blame it on her (although I must say they are amazing when she allows them to be at the same room). And I would definetly not watch it if PD and EP are gone.
    Actually, they could leave and get a spin off, where we can get, luckly, enough MD. :razz:

  7. I will watch till the last episode, just because I have stuck with it through thick and thin. All I can hope is that when it does come to the final episode, it goes out on a high. Tying everything off nicely so that there is good closure on everything.

    To me, the show may be Grey’s Anatomy, but Meredith isn’t the be all and end all of the show. All of the other characters have stories yet to be told and I would be interested in seeing most of them unfold.

    If Meredith and Derek got a good send off and were given the option to return for the last episode ever, then I think I would be more than ok with the show going on without them.

  8. I would continue watching it, because it is pretty much the only show I watch and it doesn’t really matter that it’s ‘GREY’S’ Anatomy, I think that every single character is part of the whole “Anatomy”. Plus Lexie and Mark are my favourite characters so I would keep on watching it(even if they both left too).

    I’m not a Sunshine Patriot! I will keep on watching it even if it is the worst show on T.V. (which I really doubt could ever happen!)

    But I would definitely miss every single one of the characters that left they are like a second skin to me (even Alex, I don’t really care he F****d up, we all do not as much as him but we do ).