Hey Gabblers!

Today we’ve unearthed a brand new video behind the scenes of the musical episode from season 7.

I’m pretty sure it’s a feature from the DVD, but everyone I know is going crazy over it, so here it is for you to enjoy!

(Source | YouTube)

How awesome is it to see the actors talk about the musical like that?

And how beautiful do they all look?!

What did you think of this behind the scenes take?

xoxo McRen


  1. This is good stuff! I can’t wait to get my DVD set next week!!!

  2. I know that some folks did not care for the music event episode but I loved it. Everything about it. I, too, along with GreysRcksMyWorld cannot wait for my DVD to arrive. I pre-orderd my copy so I will receive it on 9/13/11. I am so looking forward to Season 8. :grin: Thanks to all the actors who sang on this episode. You all did an amazing job and once I receive my DVD, I can watch all the episodes over and over again. Good Luck to all of the amazing cast and crew for making this show a show worth watching week after week…Love you all… :cool:

  3. Eeeeeeeek that was so great! Thank you for posting :mrgreen:

  4. I like the musical epi more and more each time i watch it, look forward to seeing the extended version of it.
    That was a great interview by the way.