Hey Gabblers.

Here are some preview pics from 8.03 entitled ‘Take The Lead’.

Check them out below the cut.

In episode 3, the fifth year residents are assigned their first solo surgeries, but they’re about to find out even most basic procedures aren’t always easy.


Who do you think will struggle with their solo surgery and who do you reckon will take to it like a duck to water? Tell us in the comment section below!

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  1. I’m a little annoyed this is going to be a storyline at all. We saw the competition for the first solo surgery and saw Alex perform it. This storyline should have been a natural progression from that point, not brought in now.

    Especially since we saw Bailey and Callie performing solo surgeries BEFORE they were 5th year residents.

  2. Glad to see Mere in scrubs. Assuming she got her job back by the end of the season premiere? 10 more days!

  3. Seems so strange to see April as chief resident. I can’t take it seriously and I’m sure Mer, Cris and Alex won’t either. Really glad Mer has her job back!

  4. April as CR is going to be such a lame SL! Not looking forward to it at all.

  5. Bailey seemed to be doing loads if solo surgeries when she had MAGIC as her interns, e.g starting with the second ever episode. I can’t recall ever seeing Callie not doing solo surgeries.

    Kepner as the c.r. I’m sure we’re gonna have scenes somewhere in the future where MAC are gonna suddenly respect her. :roll: