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Luckily for those of you who may have missed out on season 7, WetPaint have provided us with a summary of all the couples’ ups and downs from the season.

This is not officially classed as a spoiler, as the season has already aired. But if you wish to see the season for yourself, just skip this article and move on to the next!

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 premiere on September 22nd is less than a week away, and boy, last season’s finale on May 19 feels like forever ago. So don’t even worry: you’re totally excused for not remembering Season 7 and exactly who loved whom, who sexed up whom, and who hated on whom. Lucky for you, it’s our job to keep track of the romantic trajectories, so we can give you some Grey’s Cliff Notes.

Meredith & Derek
Between speeding tickets, Alzheimer’s scares, and hostile uteri, Meredithand Derek had a lot to worry about in the beginning of the season but they soon got their groove back. The couple even made their Post-it marriage official in order to adopt little orphan Zola. But then Mer went behind Der’s back and made sure Richard’s wife Adele received the clinical drug and not the placebo, she violated the trial’s ethics and Derek’s trust. Last we saw, they weren’t even under the same roof. Yowza.

Cristina & Owen
Shonda & Co. wasted no time binding Cristina and Owen in holy matrimony — they got married in the first episode of Season 7. But then Cristina’s post-traumatic stress disorder makes her all kooky-crazy, and she even considered dumping Owen. (How whack was that?!) Luckily, she’s soon back in the OR and back in love with Owen. That is until a helluva double-whammy comes along: First, Owen doesn’t choose her as Chief Resident, and then he knocks her up and asks Cristina to consider what she considers inconsiderable, keeping the McKid. (Not McKidd, people. McKid.)

Alex & Lucy
After screwing up things up royally with Lexie and aborting a hook-up with April, Alex finally finds a new “special friend” in Lucy, the cutesy OB/GYN. But she scoops up the job in Africa that he passes up (in order to stay with her), and then brushes her off when she wants him to give her a reason to stay. (Just like what happened with Ava/Rebecca!)

Bailey & Nurse Eli
Bailey breaks up with anaesthesiologist as she reels from the trauma of the shooting. And what helps her in her recovery? Why, Nurse Eli, of course. They even serenaded each other. But we hear that Ben might not be too far away…

Callie & Arizona
Callie and Arizonaeasily had the most tumultuous relationship of Season 7! Arizona takes a job in Malawi, and Callie agrees to go with her, but Arizona realizes that Callie is less-than-enthused and chooses to go alone, effectively ending the relationship. Then, however, she cuts her time in Africa short to beg for Callie’s forgiveness, and Callie eventually accepts her back so long as Arizona helps her with the child she conceived with (gasp!) Mark. One ill-timed marriage proposal and a nearly-fatal car crash later, Arizona and Callie are happily wed, and the two of them plus Mark and baby Sofia are one big happy family.

Mark & Lexie
Mark screws over Lexie twice—once by sleeping with Derek’s sister Amelia and again by sleeping with Callie—and finds himself alone and still in love with that Little Grey but resigned to the life of bachelorhood.

Lexie & Jackson
Lexie and Jackson are a steamy couple having steamy sexy-times all over the place, even if Lexie still holds a significant torch for Mark.

Teddy & Andrew (& Henry)
Teddy has a brief relationship with Andrew Perkins, the grief counselor, which ends when he leaves town. She then marries patient Henry Thomas, but only so that he can use her medical insurance. Then the sham marriage starts feeling more and more real, so much so that even when Perkins comes back for her, Teddy commits to Henry.

Richard & Adele
Richard and Adele are totally in love again, but Adele is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, so we’re already in mourning for this relationship. Listen: we’ve all seen The Notebook…

What twists and turns with Season 8 hold for these characters’ love lifes? Only one way to find out (without spoilers): Tuning in to the big show on Thursday, September 22 at 9 pm ET/PT.

(Source | WetPaint)

It’s great that they’ve done this for any of you who missed out but still want to watch season 8!

What do you think/hope will happen to your favourite couple this season?

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  1. I thought Henry’s last name was Burton. Good summary regardless, looking forward to Season 8!

  2. The mention of Callie and Arizona as a family with Mark, activated my gag reflex. The thought of the horrid threesome as a happy, normal family unit is too much to bear. In real life he would be expected to keep a respectful distance. Stick to bonding with Sofia, Mark, please. Or maybe Shonda hasn’t gotten the memo. This forced unit is not cute. What part of declining ratings don’t they get?

    • @Enforce, totally agree! They need to respect the C/A pairing. Bailey has an x husband and a kid but we don’t get them all up in her present relationships! In fact we almost never see the kid and never see the x husband, which is fine with me. Why can’t Greys give the lesbian couple the same respect?! Get Mark the heck out of their personal life, put the kid in day care with tuck – never to be seen and if I Never saw Mark on screen with callie or arizona again it would be too soon. That promo of the M/A BFF moment convinced me to watch bones and catch up on greys on U tube after.