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Hey Gabblers!

It seems there are rumours circulating about a certain character returning to our screens in 2012.

Although it’s not even official yet, we’ll put it below the cut just in case the rumours turn out to be true.

Last season on Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Lucy Fields (Rachael Taylor) snatched Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) Africa fellowship right from under his nose, breaking his heart, and screwing Seattle Grace-Mercy West in the process.

If you remember correctly, that little shocker was the catalyst for Alex snitching on Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) while six different kinds of whiskey-drunk. Of course, the real reason Lucy shipped off to Africa was because actress Rachael Taylor had booked a role on ABC’s new show, Charlie’s Angels. Unfortunately (although, somewhat predictably), Charlie’s Angels got the axe earlier this month after just four episodes. But, silver linings, people! Does one show’s cancellation mean Rachael will be free to return to Seattle Grace-Mercy West as Dr. Fields?

TV Line’s Michael Ausiello is willing to bet she’ll be back on Grey’s Anatomy by February sweeps! It sounds too good to be true, but we’d looove Lucy to crawl back into Alex’s arms and finally give him some non-crazy love. Although, series creator Shonda Rhimes maintains that Karev will never have a love like Izzie (Katherine Heigl) ever again. We hope that doesn’t mean he’s doomed to cranky bachelor douchebaggery for the rest of time, though.

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Sounds interesting.

If she returns, what do you think Alex’s reaction will be?

Do you think it’d be good if she came back, or would you prefer to see the end of Lucy Fields once and for good?

Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Awful, useless character. Don’t bring her back, especially now that KH has expressed interest in returning.

    • @Samantha, When did KH express an interest in returning

      • @Annie, On Twitter. Not official, but it makes me hopeful. Love Alex/Izzie.

  2. nooo I didn’t like her at all.. for the sake of Alex, don’t bring her back! Bring Izzie back instead. That’d be so much more interesting.

    • @Nora, I agree! Don’t know if Katherine Heigl will return but I sure hope so. Talk about a ratings boost!!! Loved her character and it just might be what the Dr. ordered to get the viewers back.

  3. Being Greys and this is shonda land wouldn’t it be hilarious if both Izzie and Lucy returned in the same episode and were both fighting for alex’s affection. I’d think Izzie would win hands down and If jc doesn’t return next year perfect way to write him out.

    • @Aussie, That would actually be kinda brilliant since this season is like trying to focus on the original characters and stuff (:

  4. I have accepted the fact that KH is not coming back. So I say, bring on Lucy and give Karev a happy ending. But if there is a chance that KH is willing to come back I hope Shonda will take it and run with it. Although, I don’t think it will be easy. KH will demand top dollar after her movie career. She will probably command more than Ellen and that will create all kinds of tension.

    • @Enforce, Let´s just for a moment keep the character (Izzie) separate from the actress (KH) and her personal issues with the show. Would you think that the way Izzie left Alex (after all they’d been through) and also Meredith (telling her that they were just a bunch of people working together and nothing more), the two of them would take her back with open arms?

      As for Lucy, well in my opinion Alex deserves someone he can trust… So I’m not really looking forward to her coming back, even though I did like Rachel Taylor (and also Katherine Heigl as Izzie by the way).

      • @Emma, I think Meredith would welcome her back because she is forgiving that way. She would see that Izzie was trying to be really tough to make it easier to leave. After all, at that point she wasn’t leaving because she wanted to but because Alex sent her away. As far as Alex though, I really don’t know. Izzie is the love of his life. There hasn’t been anyone like her for him since S1 when he first started hitting on her. Maybe after all this time he will realize that there is no one else for him? I mean, when he was unconscious at the table he was calling out for her. That’s gotta mean something. Besides Izzie, the only other woman Alex has been remotely serious about was Lucy. I just think it’s time for him to settle down. 8 seasons of his floundering it’s long enough. He deserves some happiness. I do agree that Lucy seriously violated Alex’s trust. But she also came back and told him, ‘ask me to stay’. She took the job because she was hurt about Alex’s easy dismissal of her. He’s the one that said it was all business, nothing personal. She was just playing by his rules. But he didn’t like it when he was on the receiving end. Whichever way it goes, I think there’s room for Alex to be forgiving and finally finding some happiness.

  5. I dont think this could be considered a spiler since shonda recently tweeted she hasnt even started working on the february episodes

  6. she was not memorable. Useless and not needed. I have been watching the old Greys episodes on Lifetime and I really miss Izzie! Alex needs some type of happiness and Izzie is the only one who will give it to him

    • @robwb, I have to admit, I miss Izzie too. I didn’t like all the politics and the tricks that KH was trying to pull and how she declined an Emmy nom because she felt she hadn’t been given good enough material but then submitted a nomination for herself for S6 when she was barely there. Personally, I am not amused by her antics. However, Izzie is kind of irreplaceable. I do feel like her leaving was the biggest loss to the show. George was funny but I don’t miss him. Burke I never liked. Addison I miss but she was terribly underutilized in Grey’s. KW has incredible screen presence and it’s good she has her own spotlight. But Izzie I miss the most. No one quite like her. She was funny without being cartoonish, caring without being a pushover, pretty without taking herself too seriously and she had chemistry with anyone she shared a scene with. The only time I disliked Izzie was when she was being so mean to Callie and then was pushing George to choose. But I’m choosing to overlook that… :smile:

      • @Enforce, totally agree with you! KH offscreen played silly games but her character Izzie was part of the original 5 and I reeealllyy miss their close knit “family”. I hope SR talks her into coming back because I really want Alex to have his happy ending. the Alex we see now is miserable,sad and angry and there really needs to be more character development for him

  7. I don’t want KH back at all. She was a whiner about her material and didn’t give a thought one about her colleagues. It was all about her. The show is better off without her. If they hadn’t killed off George, I would vote for him to come back. He is missed. Give that airtime to the originals, get rid of these recent add ons that are not adding to the story. The more the story lines are about the originals, the more the ratings go up. Get rid of April, she’s a nuisance, along with Teddy.

  8. Bring her back & boot kick April out! Please!!!!

  9. God, NO. I never liked Lucy, and the way she stabbed Alex right in the back just put the nail in the coffin for her as a character. If she does come back, I hope Alex tells her to shove it. He’s a complex character with a difficult family life, and he deserves a girl he can trust and rely upon, not someone who will abandon him as soon as an opportunity crops up or steal a job out from under him.

  10. Wow. Hadn’t heard that Charlie’s Angels was axed so quickly. It’s almost funny cos in the UK one of the tv networks has been showing CA as a part of their future programming!

    I just don’t see any point in bringing Lucy back as a character. She was there partly as a love interest and partly to prop up Callie’s pregnanacy SL. Unless Meredith gets pregnant or ends up as an OBGYN do we really need another doctor? I don’t want Lucy back.

    But Shonda created a comeback for the gas man,so it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw Lucy again. Perhaps she’ll want to tempt Alex to join her in Africa as an option if Alex doesn’t get a fellowship at SGH??