Will Rachael Taylor Return to Grey’s?

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Wondering whether Rachael Taylor might return to Grey’s now that Charlie’s Angels is canceled?  Read the latest below the cut (since the return or non-return of Lucy could be spoilerish.

According to an Australian website, Adelaide Now, the answer is yes:

AUSTRALIAN TV has proven an extraordinary training ground for Hollywood-bound actors. Here’s how some of them are faring.

RACHAEL TAYLOR Charlie’s Angels crash-landed, but Taylor (right) is expected to return to a role in Grey’s Anatomy.

(Source|Adelaide Now)

That would be interesting.  However, this news directly contradicts what Michael Ausiello reported a few weeks back – that Grey’s execs had put feelers out to Taylor on returning, but she declined.  Depends which source you believe, I guess.  Ausiello is usually spot on with his reporting, so I’m guessing he’s right.  But who knows, maybe Rachael changed her mind?  Would you like to see Lucy return?  Or is it good riddance?  Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Oh goodness me I hope not. Surely they can do better than both her and her character for Alex.

    • @pipmaxine, AGREE!!

  2. It is a bit odd .I do know that she went home to Tasmania after Charlies wrapped .
    And there is a side for a new female doctor who I thought would be a Alex love interest.But if RT is coming back she might be for Jackson

  3. I hope she is not coming back. That character was a back-stabbing witch, who stole his job. Who needs a girlfriend like that?


  5. Good riddance! I want Izzie or no one for Alex!

  6. Hope she doesn’t return think Alex deserves so much more, besides don’t think she fitted in really well

  7. huh i live in adelaide, so this is my local paper reporting, can say i never saw that article, most likely someone trying to get a story going.
    RT has been busy promoting her new movie RedDog currently in Oz, doing new Bonds adverts and her better half has been tweeting pictures of them together and he is in New Orleans so she certainly isn’t on the set of GA.

  8. I can’t see why her character would need to return.
    It’s quite funny cos Charlie’s Angels is being shown at the moment. Next week it’s episode 2 of the 5 made. I can see why it flopped

  9. Ok i went back and had a look at the article in question.
    What they actually said is Racheal Taylor and Josh Lawson (her BF) are quickly becoming the next Brad and Angelina. Good looks, got the hotness factor and loads of offers on the table for them both. Just don’t have a gaggle of children following them.

  10. Oh please no. :shock: