Hey Gabblers – BuddyTV came up with a list of the top 100 Sexiest women on TV.  I’m not sure how they came up with it because a few of our ladies made the list but not all & I certainly think they should have been higher on the list!  Thanks to villcm for sending this in!

TV’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2011.

Three of Grey’s Anatomy women made the top 100.  Chyler Leigh came in at #80, Rachael Taylor came in at #62 and the highest ranking Grey’s lady was Jessica Capshaw who came in at #57.


I think it’s great that those 3 made the list but I really can’t believe that Sara, Sandra & Ellen didn’t make it.  What do you think Gabblers?  Tell us below.

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  1. If no one else, I think Sara should have mos def made this list.

  2. Well the first thing I want to say is Really?? Jessica only 57? Should be much higher than that. Obviously as a big fan I may be slightly biased as I would put her numbeer 1 but surly 57 is too low?
    Secondly, no Sara on the list… Clearly some folks just aren’t watching the right tv? LOL :???:

  3. Sara Ramirez. just umf. There is nothing hotter. But yeah, equally as hot is Jessica. So they got one thing right. ;-)

  4. No Sara Ramirez? What the heck? Rachael Taylor is not even on tv anymore.

  5. No Ellen? I love her as an actress and am biased!

  6. Chyler should be so much higher than 80, she’s utterly gorgeous. Ellen should be on the list.

  7. I was happy to see Jessica on this list but agree she should have been way higher, she is a gorgeous women I say #1, Sara should have beem up there too.

  8. Sandra oh IMO is the most beautiful women/actress out there and should totally be on the list and Sara Ramirez is stunning

  9. No PP ladies on the list either Kate, Caterina and KaDee definitely should have been contenders too

  10. Sara Ramirez has such exotic, sultry features. She’s intensely beautiful with those eyes and lips, and the most perfect teeth I have ever seen a human being have. That smile alone should have her at #1.

  11. Sara Ramirez should definitly have made the list! And Jessica should have been way higher then she is!

  12. Missing Sara Ramirez in this list! But really happy that Jessica is in it. But thought she would be higer…

  13. Really? Jessica Capsaw!ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The woman is cute but she isn’t sexy! And Where on Earth is Ellen! Sure..JC is sexy but Ellen isn’t! Come on!
    And thank God Sara didn’t made it! The woman is faaaat! She shouldn’t be be in the list!

    • @merder92, Sara Ramirez shouldn’t make the list because she is “fat”? Sorry, but Sara isn’t fat, she’s a curvy and gorgeous woman who in my mind really should have made the list. If you think she shouldn’t, it’s fine, but to make comments like that? Really?

    • @merder92, Agreeing with everyone else, Sara is far from FAT, she is shaped like a real woman is supposed to be. Get serious. BTW, she should have been on the list way at the top.

    • @merder92, Comments like that just make you sound ignorant…Sara is the hottest woman on that show!

      • @riotgrrl78, Well said! Ignorance that comes from an adult is actually terrifying. Sara is truly beautiful. I would much rather see her making the list then the 3 ladies of GA that did. And this is coming from someone who is considered to be “well-shaped”…

  14. Are you kidding me? Let’s see a picture of you, Merder92. There are not too many people who can have a few extra pounds on and look as hot as Sara does. She’s like 6ft tall, she’s a big girl and she’s all sexy woman. The only ladies that can compete with her on the show, one is her on-screen wife and the other has her own show called Private Practice. The rest are pretty, but they are not stunning, head turning beautiful like Sara is.

    • @JJayDay, Amen!

  15. I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about this list. Who the hell is BuddyTV anyways? Why do we care about this “TV’s Hot Sexiest Women of 2011″ list anyways. Can any of us really think of our own 100 Hot Sexiest Woman of 2011 that would even match this list. Anyone that would think up this kind of list would not have the same women that are on my list.

    Because if I could even think of 100 Hot Sexiest Woman of 2011, I’m sure my viewpoints would not match any one else’s. And yes my choice for a much higher rating would go to Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez along with Dana Delany, Emily and Zooey Deshanel, Kate walsh, and the chick from Fringe who’s name escapes me at this moment, just to name a few.

    As for Sara Ramirez being “fat”, Seriously merder92, take a look in the mirror because beautiful women like Sara and yourself come in all shapes and sizes and as the old saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and this beholder thinks that both Jessica and Sara are wonderfully gorgeous!!!!