TRAILER: Chyler’s Movie – Brake.

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Hey Gabblers – Thanks to Humbugged for sending us this movie trailer for Chyler’s new movie called Brake.  The trailer does not show her but you can hear her on the phone.  Here’s a little about the film.


Plot Summary: A nonstop action thriller starring Stephen Dorff (“Somewhere,” “Immortals”), “Brake” tells the story of Secret Service Agent Jeremy Reins (Dorff) who is held captive by a terrorist group and used as a pawn as the countdown to a catastrophic plot unravels. Successful TV director Gabe Torres, helms “Brake” that co-stars Chyler Leigh (ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”) and Tom Berenger (“Inception”).

Release set for March 23, 2012


(Source|MovieNewsPlus via You Tube)

Looks like a very intense film!  I like my movies a little more laid back.  Anyone like these intense thrillers?  Are you going to try to catch this one when it comes out?  Comment below.

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  1. The voice of the 911 operator is Kali Rocha who used to play the perky doctor Sydney from seasons 2-4 .

    Justin Chambers was originally supposed to play the Stephen Dorff role when they first started talking about this project a couple of years ago. It is produced by Chyler’s husband Nathan

    • @Humbugged, Do you know why Justin isn’t in the role? So cute that Chyler and Nathan collaborate on projects, they seem like they have a great marriage and I’m sure they’re wonderful parents.

      • @Samantha,

        It was originally supposed to get filmed Summer 2010(JC talked about it in an interview ),but I don’t think they got the finance sorted out and Chyler went off and made The 19th Wife that summer instead .

        I’m guessing that either Shonda wouldn’t give JC and CL time off together to film it )it was made in the Spring (I wondered at the time about how little she was there in the back half last season)

        or if casting Dorff brought in the money to get it made