JCap and Sara Talk Calzona’s Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Grey’s Day! Here’s a preview, or actually more a teaser, of tonight’s episode. Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about Calzona’s Valentine’s Day. If you want to stay completely spoiler-free, do not go under the cut ;) if not, enjoy…

Love is in the air on Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy as Seattle Grace’s couples look to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

For Bailey and Ben, it means an elegant dinner, while for new parents Derek and Meredith — as well as Callie, Arizona and Mark — it means balancing their love lives with the demands of their growing families.

Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw noted that the couple, after convincing Mark to babysit Sofia so they can have their date night, will set out on a out for a romantic surprise that may not go off as smoothly as Callie had hoped.

“I don’t know that Arizona is necessarily sure if it’s going to be a good surprise or a bad surprise,” Capshaw tells The Hollywood Reporter. “As much as we’re so used to them being together, I always have to remind myself that — as far as the history of great couples — they’re still relatively new, so they can’t know every single thing about each other.

“Arizona thinks that there might be room for the interpretation of a Valentine’s Day that’s not going to be to her liking,” Capshaw adds.

Ramirez notes the couple are “in a happy place” and adjusting more to family life with the baby as they learn to balance home and career. “You’re going to see a lighter story line for Arizona and Callie in terms of subject matter,” she says. Following the seventh season’s car crash that nearly claimed Callie’s life, it’s an adjustment that Capshaw is happy to make.

“I had a good seven episodes straight where I learned how to just cry if you looked at me wrong,” Capshaw says with a laugh. “We each get our turn and we have our baton and we run like the wind and are so happy huffing and puffing when we pass it off to someone else to have their turn.”

Which naturally leads to rampant speculation as to just what Callie’s surprise for Arizona could be — something Capshaw is enjoying via Twitter. The guess that she finds most amusing is that Callie is surprising her with a house — next to Derek and Meredith’s in-progress dream abode. The guess, she hints, “is in the same solar system.”

(Source| The Hollywood Reporter)

It seems like the writers are giving Calzona fans their own version of MerDer’s ‘house of candles’. I’m very excited for Callie’s suprise, I just hope it isn’t actually a house. It would feel like copying MerDer. What do you think it is? Guess below!

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  1. As long as it’s not Derek’s relationship trailer of doom then I’m happy

    • @1203kitkat, you so called it lol. Were you disappointed to see it actually WAS the trailer?

  2. As long as its not the actual MerDer dream house
    I’m okay with whatever the surprise is. Can’t wait to find out!