GA Ratings: Idol dominated the night.

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Hey guys!

The ratings for Thursday are out, and as expected, American Idol won the night.

Do not fret however, as Grey’s stil held it’s own as #2 show in the all important 18-49 demo, and the DVR numbers will probably be quite high.

Source|TV by the Numbers

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  1. The entire week every show in every network lost a significant percentage of viewership. It is puzzling. I would have expected to see a drop because of the two hour Idol but nine tenths of a point is a lot. This was the lowest rated episode ever. Which makes no sense considering that it was an excellent, excellent episode. Austin Guzman actually managed to come up with some outstanding writing, particularly with Owen and Cristina and Tony Phelan did a fantastic job with the directing. Particularly the first Callie/Webber scene in the scrub room. The way the chief just came out of the shadows was very dramatic. Anyways, GA still won its slot but I’m hoping ratings will stabilize next week. All things considered this is shaping to be the best season since S3 in my opinion…

  2. I agree that this is the best season since the 3rd season! I don’t know why the drop but Grey’s rocks. I used to watch Idol over Grey’s and watch Grey’s on TIVO but now it’s the other way around. Didn’t love no MerDer interaction but that is my personal thing. The episode was very good.

  3. Did Patrick’s appearance in PP help PP’s ratings? I’d be interested to know.