It’s Nearly March And No Renewal Yet!?

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This time last year, we were already guessing what was coming up for our fave characters in season 8, Grey’s was already renewed. It seems this year the networks are letting us sweat a bit (it’s not just Grey’s, many other faves are also waiting on a renewal) Anyway, summarised a possible reason for this. Read on below.

By the beginning of February last year, the broadcast networks had renewed nine scripted series: ABC’s Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Castle, The Middle and Cougar Town, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (three-year pickup) andNCIS and Fox’s Raising Hope. A month later, the number climbed to 10 with a two-year deal for CBS’ How I Met Your Mother. We’re at the end of February now, and the networks are yet to pick up a single existing scripted series for next season. That is a very unusual pattern as the broadcast networks normally like to reward their top performers with early renewals.


As for the biggies, some of the pickups are clouded by uncertainty surrounding the cast, including Grey’s Anatomy (leads Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey)


This is only an excerpt of the article, for the entire article please see the source.

I guess it can’t be very long until we hear about the fate of Grey’s! I just hope they make an announcement sooner rather than later, I’d hate to see it drag out so long. According to TV Line’s Show Renewal predictions Grey’s will get renewed, I personally think it will as well, regardless of Ellen or Patrick returning. The real question is will it be any good without it’s original cast? What’s your guess?

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  1. They won’t announce the pick up until they have some idea who of the six that are negotiating will re-sign or not .It would be stupid to announce during as there’s every chance that ABC would get asked for more money by the actor’s reps .

    Last time round the pickup was a formality as they all signed a years extension in the last round of negotiations during Season 6.

    At least there is no Katie Heigel holding up talks this time .As she was the last to sign up the previous twice

  2. But what about other “original” old cast members like Sandra Oh and Justin Chambers – do we know whether or not they might stay?

    • @Janice, Don’t know about Sandra (who does even less press than Chyler which is saying something).

      Justin , Chandra and Jim would probably like to sign ,and for all we know might have already done so – the news will probably all get released at the one time.

      But a lot of it is going to be about the escalator aspect of the deal – how much more an episode are each of them going to be entitled to by re-signing .Most of the time the amount goes up every year or two automatically ( When the big 3 on The Big Bang Theory renegotiated last year their deals were made public and the $$$$ went up at the start of seasons 6,7,8 and then they will sit down again ) .The higher the escalator is going from 8 -to 9 and onwards the tighter it is for the show to make money .And thats when they will either let whoever leave or offer reduced episode runs (which is what happened with House last year with LE leaving and others taking less episodes)

  3. I’ve just had a couple of adverts for a pay for viewing TV channel in the UK. This channel has the up to date GA S8 just starting.
    Guess who they show a picture of to advertise GA? Patrick Dempsey in his attending scrubs.

    • @jules, Thank God!