Reshma Shetty NOT Appearing in GA

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Hey Gabblers!

Contrary to previous reports, Royal Pains star, Reshma Shetty will not be appearing in an upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy. There was a mix up in the published article which stated that Shetty would appear on GA as an accountant; the actress will actually be starring in an episode of CSI Miami. Reshma took to Twitter to rectify the mistaken report,


(Source|@reshma4 via Twitter)

I’m sure ‘frets’ was just a typo, but I agree with Reshma, no idea how the two shows could be confused for one another. Thank you to Royal Pains Online for updating us on the mix up.

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  1. What is ‘Frets Anatomy’? Is she putting GA down? What the heck? First it was ‘Two Broke Girls’ calling it ‘Grey’s Monotony’ and now this chick? I hope she never appears in GA. I do not think it was a typo. Some people do seem to take pleasure in putting GA down. I guess she is allowed since her show is much more popular than Greys. Wait…no it isn’t!!!

    • @Enforce, I imagine it’s just a typo on her part. The letters are all close enough to the letters that make up ‘Greys’ for it be an honest mistake :)

  2. Auto-correct strikes again