SPOILER: Ausiello On Contracts.

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Hey Gabblers – This weeks ask Ausiello is about the contract negotiations.  If you want to stay in the dark don’t read on but it’s below the cut for those that want to know.

Ask Ausiello

Question: Any update on the Grey’s Anatomy contract situation? —Kim
Ausiello: Nothing official, but perhaps a clue can be find in this fresh batch of intel I just procured: According to a source, the medical boards don’t go well for at least two of the show’s docs — one gets a ginormous, stress-induced spontaneous nosebleed (mid-test!) and another fails the first of three sections when he arrives late.


Oh man! That is a big hint, I think.  I mean it say HE arrives late.  That would mean that one of the ones that fails would be either Alex or Jackson.  Arriving late sure sounds like an Alex thing to me but what do you think?  Talk about this big hint below.

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  1. I think it could be Alex too, and the other one with the nose bleed April.

    • @MD4ever, I agree with you there…seems most likely with their characters personalities

  2. Stress induced nose bleed could well be Cristina as well with all the marriage crisis stuff going on, but let’s hope it’s April instead.
    Running late sure sounds like an alex thing but if I remember rightly Jackson could be late as well thinking back to the merger he was the one running in late.

  3. I say Alex and April.
    But okay this might be a stupid question, but I didn’t know that April and Jackson’s contracts were up? They didn’t start the show in the first season so I figured they would still be on…

  4. I don’t think it’s Alex. He has been on top of his game professionally this year and I just don’t think he would jeopardize it.
    My guess is Christina and Jackson. Chris because of all the stress she has been under and Jackson because his role is outplayed.

  5. well i don’t think the test will be a hint as to who’s returning afterall the show doesn’t end with the test this season

  6. My first instinct with the nosebleed was April, but I think some of you could be right about Cris – she has been under a lot of pressure!! I think it will be Alex who is late – maybe he’s been busy with Morgan & Tommy??

  7. If it’s April & Jackson then it has nothing to do w/contracts, as theirs are not being negotiated this year.

  8. also, the actor who plays alex (sorry, i forgot his name) said that he will be on grey’s as long as possible, because how could he give up such a well paying job when jobs are so hard to come by now a days and he has several kids to feed

    • @sophannie, I was thinking about the same. He also said that this is the best job for him also coz he can spend summers with the kids and he has time for all of them even durig the shooting. Oh, and its Justin Chambers ;-)

  9. I just have a feeling this hint has nothing to do with who´s leaving the show. The late one might be Alex but there could be serious reason why he didn´t come in time. I just can´t believe nobody would try to call, find, page him or find another way to get him (don´t think he would turn his pager and cell off). They are doctors so helping people is the first, right? I´m just guessing he could have some emergency (again). And that nosebleed. Well doesn´t look like is the reason to kick someone from the exam off. It reminds me the exams form season 3. Alex was “busy” with Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca situation; Yang planned a wedding, Mer didn´t answer any question and after all George was the one who failed. I don´t know, maybe I just don´t want to believe Alex could be the one who is leaving. I like his character a lot. I would miss him so much.

  10. It should be Jackson and April. Who cares if they pass! But somehow it could be Lexie ( I know she should not be there ) but since she seems to be the only intern in the hospital she would probably be writing the test :roll:
    Give us a break from her working with Derek !

    • @Bextra1256,

      Lexie hasn’t been an intern for 3 years .And her boards will be next year , but that will be the same as the the intern exam and they wont show her taking them as there is not a lot of drama in somebody with an eidetic memory taking an exam ( forgone conclusion ) .

      And I don’t understand what you mean by her writing the test . For one these are oral exams ,and two they are taking place in San Francisco .

  11. Consider this, though… The ones that fail may end up staying as Residents another year if they can’t become Attendings yet. They wouldn’t be able to leave for another job elsewhere. But then, I’m not sure if they would have the option to do a second fifth year residency. Just a thought.

  12. Here is my thoughts Alex had a Paeds fellowship lined up through Arizona so I’m thinking unless he has some family situation – his brother or mother – that will cause him to be late, he’s been pretty focused. Jackson however is still kind of stuck on Lexiw but the doctor his mom brought with her may be a bit of a distraction. it could be him.

    As for the resident with the stress induced nose bleed. April is the stress head of all of them so I’m thinking as a chief resident wouldn’t it be a turn up if she failed. As for Meredith or Cristina with nose bleeds? Yes Cristina has been under pressure and she has a marriage that is falling apart but a physical sign of stress doesn’t really seem like either Cristina or Meredith they are more likely to just sit there or throw a tantrum and walk out.

    So I’m going to say April and Jackson

  13. Medical boards don’t go well doesn’t necessarily equal failure
    I’m not sure a chief resident would fail her boards
    Do the failed residents retake their final year, that’ll be fun cos lexie will be bound to be chief resident.