William Daniels To Guest Star in GA

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Grey’s fans can expect a familiar face to guest star in an upcoming episode, when two time Emmy winner, William Daniels appears as a doctor overseeing the resident’s medical boards.

William Daniels, a winner of two Emmy Awards during his run asSt. Elsewhere‘s Dr. Mark Craig, is playing doctor again — in a potentially pivotal episode ofGrey’s Anatomy.

In one of the ABC drama’s final episodes of the season, Daniels will play one of the doctors overseeing the medical boards being taken by the Seattle Grace residents.

“it’s actually really hilarious!” Sandra Oh told TVLine of the episode, which was directed by her scene partner Kevin McKidd. “I just shot the entire boards episode with the wonderful William Daniels, who played Cristina’s proctor. It was phenomenal to be working opposite him.”


It’ll be interesting to see what kind of character Daniels will play, I imagine we’ll see some amusing scenes between him and Sandra Oh. What do you think?

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  1. St. Elsewhere was a great show! Well, of the eps I’ve seen. Phenomenal for it’s time! But I will always have a special place in my heart for William Daniels as “Mr. Feeny” from “Boy Meets World”! :mrgreen:

    • @GreytXcape, Me too! That was my favorite show for years, and I loved that Mr. Feeny seemed to be the only teacher they ever had.

      • @Samantha, LOL Actually, I think Mr. Feeny WAS the only teacher they ever had. But hey, it’s TV. It doesn’t have to make sense, right? =P

  2. YES!!!!! Feeny feeny feeheheheheney!!! I also love that he is the proctor. How much more appropriate can that get?!

    • @Calzonabailey, YES!!!!! And thanks for that reminder of the Eric Matthews Feeny call! LMBO THANK YOU! I can totally hear it in my head right now lol And from what SO said during “A Night w/ Shonda and Friends” we’re in for some “classic Cristina” during some interesting exchanges between her and William Daniels as board proctor ;-) Looking forward to that.

    • @Calzonabailey, P.S. Here’s a small, but cool article I found: http://perezhilton.com/2012-04-04-william-daniels-to-guest-star-on-greys-anatomy#.T3yztqvXEk8