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Hey Gabblers – This week’s Ask Ausiello is out & there’s some Grey’s scoop.  It’s below the cut so read on if you want to know.

Ask Ausiello

Question: So, I’m ridiculously excited about Arizona’s childhood friend making an appearance next month on Grey’s Anatomy. Can you tell us what you know? —Jennifer
Ausiello: Funny story — her childhood friend is this guy! And he actually makes two appearances, on May 3 and May 10.

Here’s a pic of the guy playing Arizona’s friend.

(Source|Ausiello via TVLine)

Should be interesting to get some back story on Arizona.  He’s a cutie, too!  Any thoughts on this dude?  Comment below.

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  1. I’ve read the sides on this storyline and it looks like it’s going to be intense for Caz! :grin: I can’t wait to see them in a little bit of drama. I’ve missed them so much this season.

    • @mcyummy, Hmmm. Intense, eh? Just how intense we talking?

    • @mcyummy, where can these sides be found??

  2. where can these sides be found?