SPOILER: Meet The ‘Ex-Husband’

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Hi Gabblers,

Here’s a Spoiler Article from TV Line which introduces an interesting new story-line for a certain couple. Check it out below the cut if you have no clue what I’m talking about and want to find out ;)


The free pass Grey’s Anatomy has given happy-go-lucky newlyweds Callie and Arizona this season is about to expire.

In this Thursday’s episode, Entourage‘s Jordan Belfi checks in as a cancer patient named Nick whose intimate past with Arizona stirs up trouble for the conflict-free couple — but not in the way you’re probably thinking.

“They’re childhood friends,” explains Belfi, who’s set to appear in two episodes. “They have this special bond going back to when they were kids – they were even fake married as kids. They were that close.”

The Calzona kerfuffle arises when Callie is tasked with performing surgery on Nick, which “essentially puts Arizona’s ‘brother’ in the hands of her wife,” explains Belfi. “It’s interesting to see the way that complicates both Nick and Arizona’s relationship, and the strain that puts on Arizona and Callie’s relationship.”

Scroll down to view two additional images from Belfi’s Grey’s stint, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Are you happy Calzona’s relatively uneventful season is ending on a dramatic note?

(Source| TV Line)

I’m excited for this story line, there’s only so long a couple stays drama-free in Grey’s, and their time was up. Although I kind of feel like this is a Henry story, just slightly more complicated. I hope they prove me wrong.

What do you expect of this story line?

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  1. Personally, as much as I enjoy life inside a pretty pink bubble, in the true essence of a drama like Grey’s, I think it’s time to pop it. I’m excited about seeing things get a little mixed up with Calzona. Too much happiness for too long on a show like GA for any relationship not only because boring but it’s NOT REAL. I can appreciate the break Shonda gave these ladies this season considering the roller-coaster ride of S7, but it’s time to give them an opportunity to stretch their dramatic muscles. They’re good at! And I mean that in the greatest way. I love these two and I think a SL like this will only strengthen their relationship instead of do any irrevocable harm to it.. It’ll be a testament to how much they’ve grown. P.S. A peak into AZ’s past? Yes please!

    • @GreytXcape, well said! I agree with everything you’ve said. One of my fave scenes of these two is the airport scene, and the scenes following that one. They are SO good with drama.

  2. Well said, GreytXcape!Couldn’t have said it better :)

  3. Agreed! JC is great! I hope she doesn’t die.That would be the dumbest mistake! It’s about time Jcap is getting a storyline.

  4. i’m all for the drama for calzona just as long as they have a happy ending in the finale.

    • @amb2kool, I don’t think anybody is going to have a happy ending this season, judging from the spoilers and tweets. I’m just hoping that neither of em will be dying, or could be dying.

  5. Interesting new SL and a hot new character…I’ll take it! :)

  6. I’m looking forward to it. I love drama between these two as long as they stay happy and together in the end. No Africa jaunts or dying, Shonda! This is going to bring out the serious side of them a little (i hope). I think they are both great dramatic actresses, as well as comedic, and can’t wait to see what we have in store! :shock:

    • @kyrhyn, Yeah I’m looking forward to it too, love seeing those two act dramatic scenes. They are just so good! (Providing neither die)

  7. As long as Arizona/JCap isn’t going anywhere or Callie having another sorbet with Mark, I’m all for it. Another man between them but I don’t mind because it’s NOT Mark. MORE Arizona background, lovin’ it!

    • @DG, I can’t wait to meet one of Arizona’s ‘childhood friends’. Hopefully he can give us some good stories of how she was when she was small. I’m guessing he is sort of a brother to her more than a husband, so it should be good.

  8. It was Calazona’s turn to have less conflict in S8, that’s all. Perhaps JCap will want a lighter workload next seasoon cos she’ll be having a baby soon?
    This will put a lot on Callie if her surgical skills are gonna have to relied on to cure Nick

    • @jules, I think it was only fair for them to get a lighter load this season after last season’s drama, fair for all the actors. But no complaints here :) I’m just a bit confused how the storyline is going to work, from the scoop we can diagnose Nick as cancer patient, and Callie is an ortho surgeon. :???:

      • @Jillybean032, Agreed, Calazona had lots happening last season. Maybe Nick has bone cancer or it’s a secondary symptom of his cancer (like Iz had skin cancer but had a tumour in her brain)

  9. She is killing Callie!!! I’m pissed off!!!

    • @Farrah, ?????

  10. Judging by the second picture, I don’t think he’s going to like Callie