Greys S8 DVD Spoilers.

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Hey guys!

The end of season 8 is fast approaching, check out the details after the cut…

With one of TV’s most trademarked hospital dramas, you can now make extra room in your collection, as “Grey’s Anatomy” is hitting the streets for its DVD release of season 8 on September 4th, 2012. A 6-disc set will feature all the 8th season episodes alongside these bonus features:
- “Meet Kevin McKidd: The Scot, the Man, the Musician”
- Deleted Scenes
- Bloopers
- Extended Episodes

The price? $45.99

You can find the cover art at the bottom, and here is the pre-order link to Amazon:


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  1. I hope the extended episodes are more like the earlier seasons with several extended episodes rather than the just one episode like the last two seasons.

    I loved S2-S4 where some of the episodes had scenes lasting a minute or so separate to the extended episodes which highlighted watching the season back rather than

    • @Annie, I agree. The DVD sets for earlier seasons were much better. They had better features and truly extended episodes and commentaries which I loved. I pre-ordered S7 because of the features it promised and it turned out to be a dud. Very few deleted scenes and none of the extras. I decided never to pre-order again. If I hear good things after this one is released I might consider buying then.

  2. Why would I want a special on Kevin McKidd. Doesn’t it seem like they are pushing us down our throat. I’m not a fan.

    • @anonymous, I meant to say doesn’t it seem like they are pushing him down our throat? Where’s the updated bonus feature on McDreamy? I could get excited about that.

  3. Meet Kevin McKidd: The Scot, the Man, the Musician” really? I can’t believe Shonda did it for CrOwen fans, how wonderful it is! :razz:

    • @vanessa_tw, agreed!

  4. It would be nice to have a couple of extended episodes. I’d like one to be the board exams.
    But yes, there are so few worth while deleted scenes. they must have many that we will never get to see. :sad:

  5. Ugh who cares about KMK?

    • @Emma, everyone who likes some amazing acting. ;-) He’s done some great work so far, especially outside of Grey’s (16 Years of Alcohol!!). Would be great if they could promote his charity album for Save the Children with that extra …

  6. I hate that over here in the UK we’re still waiting on a season 7 release and season 6 was on released the Christmas just gone