GA Filming at Ontario Airport

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Hey Gabblers!

Check out these interesting tweets regarding Grey’s filming this week.

(Source | budaquan via Twitter)

(Source | DempeoMD via Twitter)

So… Were they filming in two places? The conclusion of the dramatic plane crash maybe?

Comment on what you think below!

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  1. The second place where they were shooting on Friday was a farm,called Amy’s farm.The farm in question was closed for the entire day because of a private event.A person suggested that the farm might have something to do with April being at home.

    • @MaggieM, I suppose if that’s true we can expect a time jump and then maybe flashbacks to the rescue, that’s a bit disappointing!

      • @Emma, When PD tweeted a small part of the script and what I took from it,it seems there might be a time jump.Oh and by the way there are more doctors to come-the sides for episode 2 are out,I couldn’t read them,but by just looking at them makes me think that it’s possible will see doctors at other hospitals.That’s just my guess :)

  2. Thinks the Farm scene us a Callie-Sofia or just Callie scene maybe Callie goes shopping at the farm stand for dinner cuz she was expecting Arizona to come home when she hears about the crash at the farm stand n drops her veggies n rushes back to the hospital and or maybe she’s Chaperoning Sofia’s daycare fieldtrip that might be a day at the farm since Az/Sloan/MerDer are gone could she possibly have Zola with her too maybe?

    • @Sofia, Why would Callie be shopping when at the end of the season finale she was in lingerie waiting for Arizona to walk through the bedroom door??? Are the sides saying this? I mean, that same night Owen is finally made aware that the plane never arrived at the hospital. I can’t imagine a whole day going by and Callie not being informed that her wife and everyone is missing.

    • @Sofia, Sorry Sof that is wishful thinking for your Callie requirement.
      I gonna lean more to either this is a April at home scenario.

    • @Sofia,
      This one is a funny imagination. ;-)

  3. I’m pretty sure that they are going to have a time jump, if they are not shooting on a mountain in the woods. The script that we have seen seems to suggest this too.

    • @Annie, i really think if the went to the trouble to create a set like they did for finale they could have fillmed extra scenes.

  4. They could always just not show the rescue, but show everyone arriving at the hospital injured. That way they could still show the reuniting which I really want to see.

    • @jcapper, omgg that’s what I always think about. That everyone will arrive at the hospital injured.

    • @jcapper, The reuniting is the part I really want to see too, specifically the Callie and Arizona reunion especially after what Arizona said to Callie before she left and was crying about never leaving! Too much emotion right there to just skip over it!

  5. I am also interested to know where the plane went down, closer to Seattle or Idaho. Because they wouldn’t want to take a plane back, which could result in a fun road trip or something.

  6. Ohh maybe someone like April notices smoke at the back of the farm coming from the woods n that’s how the plane crash is discovered n she wants to check it out for herself and goes deep into the woods n is the first person to notice thier SGMW doctors and is like oh my god it all alive incept Lexie nibs like don’t worry I’m calling for help

  7. Is the farm stand the triage place where they will be air lifted back to the hospital

  8. Will MerDer take a walk for help n they see that they r in the woods behind a farm stand as they maybe follow a coffee scent or something n that’s how help arrives people see how bloody they r at the stand or April sees one of them n is like where are the rest r they ok?!

    • @Sofia, you have a very big imagination

      • @Shutupmeg, Haha yupp!!

  9. I’ll bet there is a time jump because they are not in the woods. I hope they at least address Lexie’s death with flashbacks. Why film at the airport unless the docs have gone to their new hospitals. Can’t wait until September.

    • @Vickie, Airport scene could be MerDer returning from Boston as his job has been made null in void and Mer want’s to return to Seattle after grieving her sister and not enjoying the brigham.

    • @Vickie, Agree, i also want a “Lexie-grieving-scence”.

  10. Who knows. This is shonda were talking about.

  11. Wouldn’t the opening SL of S9 make the most of the fact that Mark and Arizona have very serious injuries? Is the time jump a way to avoid having Der’s mom, sisters, Thatcher, Arizona’s family awaiting news of their loved ones being found?
    I’m also wondering about a farewell to Lexie, will they show the funeral or will that be avoided cos we saw George’s funeral?

    I can see Kepner going home & Avery following her to beg her to go back to Seattle cos he’s gonna stay at SGH. :???:

    • @jules, possible, yes! But Camilla Luddington might be Jackson’s love interest too. (or Alex) :o

      She’ll play as a doctor in a recurring role I guess. I think she’s gonna be with either Avery or Karev. Well, I wonder how it’s gonna be for the premiere of S9.