Scandal: Who Is Quinn Perkins?

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Hey Gabblers!

Do you watch Scandal? If you do, you know that the big question from the finale of Season 1 was “Who is Quinn Perkins?”

The question has been asked to the Cast Members of Scandal and we’ve heard everything from the love child of Cyrus to a CIA Agent that is in witness protection.

The star of Scandal, Kerry Washington, had this to say…

“[Quinn Perkins] represents my whole summer because all summer long people were walking up to me saying ‘Who is Quinn Perkins!?’ in supermarkets, airports … It was so much fun! Luckily I didn’t know [who she actually is] at the time because I don’t know if I’d be able to keep it a secret for that long!” Washington, 35, tells PEOPLE.


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So Gabblers…who do YOU think Quinn Perkins is? Feel free to take an internet stroll over the!

After watching the season 1 finale again last night, I think Quinn is related to Olivia Pope in some way. That’s all I could come up with.


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  1. lmao!!!!!!!1 i cannot wait for scandal to come back