A Guide to SGMW’s New Interns

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Hey Gabblers!

The wonderful folk over at Wet Paint have provided their readers with some information on Grey’s Anatomy’s newest interns, so we thought we’d relay the information to you!

Although we don’t have much to learn as of yet, its always helpful to get a nice introduction!

Dr. Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington): We don’t know much about Jo at this point, other than the fact that she is absolutely terrified of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), likes to cry in hallways and doesn’t seem too scared of talking about tragedy. Example A: Jo was the one who brought up the plane crash to Owen (Kevin McKidd) in a very, let’s say, abrupt manner. Perhaps she’s got a sharp tongue underneath that innocent exterior? Hey, remember when Lexie was so sweet and innocent? Perhaps Jo will be reminiscent of Lex?

(Source | Wet Paint)

That’s only one of the three interns that Wet Paint has introduced to us, but it seems they have some good ideas!

To meet the other two characters more formally, click HERE to see what Wet Paint thinks of them!

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