Poptimal’s 9×04 Review

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Tanya Lane over on Poptimal reviewed episode 4 of the ninth season, here’s a look at what she had to say.

Long gone are the days when Meredith and Alex were lowly interns on Grey’s Anatomy.  Now they occupy the positions they once revered, even becoming mean residents in the process.  They aren’t the only ones breaking new ground though.  Derek is teaching for the foreseeable future, as his hand may be permanently damaged from the crash. Meredith is hesitant to discuss a complicated tumor surgery with him, because she doesn’t want to make him feel bad about not being able to do those types of procedures anymore.  When he finds out that she’d been tamping down her enthusiasm in an effort to guard his feelings, he reminds her that he wants to share in her happiness and be a part of her joy.

It seems like everyone is feeling amorous, from Chief Webber to Jackson and even Cristina.  I can’t say that I like her rolling in the hay with Dr. Parker, but she’s tying to “fit in,” as she tells Meredith.  At first Cristina is content with their casual arrangement, but Parker turns her off when she learns that he’s biding his time until he can get rid of her old buddy Dr. Thomas.

One thing I’ve disliked throughout the series has been the martyrdom of some characters.  Alex allowed Izzie to treat him like crap; Owen allowed Teddy to treat him like crap, and now Arizona is treating Callie like crap.  Finally though, she is turning a corner.  Her anger has softened just a tiny bit, mainly because others have noticed her mistreatment of Callie and have gently encouraged her to give Callie a break.  Her surgical wound is healing perfectly, and it’s time for her to get fitted with a prosthetic.  Her doctor is no-nonsense, which is the type of tough love she needs.  I know Arizona’s funk will be short-lived, and maybe in the end it will actually bring her and Callie closer together.  She is taking baby steps towards forgiveness, which bodes well for their relationship.  Another solid episode.

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To read the full review, including the reviewer’s thoughts on Jackson/Catherine/Webber’s storyline click HERE.

I don’t entirely agree with the reviewer’s thoughts on ‘Arizona treating Callie like crap’. Yes, she is most definitely not being nice, but Arizona lost her limb despite Callie promising to save. I can understand why she’s upset. Of course I do feel bad for Callie whose world has turned upside down and has had to deal with a lot, but I’m just saying I can see Arizona’s side too.

I guess the Calzona shippers will have to be patient. After all, the healing process is all about baby steps :)

Anyway, I like the reviewer’s straight-up, telling it how it is style and it’s definitely a good summary/review of the episode in case you forgot a few details.

What are your thoughts on 9×04? Share it below.

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