SPOILERS: Scandal! Scandal! Scandal!

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Hey Gabblers!

Here’s some Scandal scoop to get you ready for tonight! See below the cut for those that don’t mind a spoiler or 2!

Betsey Beers answered some questions, here’s 1:

Will we learn how the cabal of five initially came together? Beers: Everything will start to become clearer in the next few episodes. A lot of those questions will be answered, but also create more questions. As an audience member, you’re going to start to be able to put the pieces together in this incredibly intriguing way.

Does Fitz know about the cabal of five? Or is it possibly a cabal of six? Beers: You’re just going to have to keep watching. That was like last season with did he or didn’t he with Amanda Tanner? But more will be clear, especially in the next two episodes.

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TVLINE | What was your reaction when you first read that closing scene, where Olivia gets the dish on Abby?

Just about every episode I gasp at some point, and that was definitely one of those moments. “No way — she knows?!” It crossed my mind that I could be killed or I could be fired. It’s always entertaining.

TVLINE | What Abby is doing here, is it about any feelings she has for David and his “white hat” cause, or is this more about rebelling against Olivia, who has kind of been freezing her out?

I think it’s a combination of both. I don’t think that Abby is rebelling just for rebellion’s sake. She has a real moral compass, she has a real sense of wanting to dig for the truth — she and David have a lot in common that way, in that he’s trying to find out what’s happening. And Abby feels like she has no other option because she HAS approached Olivia, a couple of times, and Olivia shuts her out. That’s hurtful for Abby and it makes her feel completely isolated, but it also raises her suspicion of what’s really going on and why isn’t Olivia sharing it with me. I also think she has a genuine connection with David in terms of they’re having this great relationship together which just complicated things even more.

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WOW! Sounds like we’re in for some serious stuff over the rest of the season! Scandal just keeps getting better!

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