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Another great recap for you here, this time directly from Hollywood.

April blames Avery for looking like dessert:
April continues to have mixed feelings about her on-going sexual trysts with Avery. On the one hand, she’s disappointing Jesus, but on the other, he’s just so damn sexy and hard to resist — much like a dessert. (Can I get an Amen!) Seriously though, this internal conflict of her’s has gone on long enough. She’s made her bed and now it’s time to lie in it (and I do mean that literally). However, we later discover that she’s also reluctant because she’s beginning to develop feelings for Avery on a more than physical level. But guess what? He feels the same way! See what we learn when we communicate? So it will be fun to see where this evolves. Who knows — we could be looking at Grey’s Anatomy’s new power couple.

(Source | Hollywood)

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Did you enjoy episode 6? What did you like/not like about it? We’d love to hear all of your opinions!

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  1. dude no body freakin cares about jackson and april … everybody is waiting to see what happends with calzona and crowen!! not japril …. and for me in particulure …. its calzona!!!

  2. I have to say Apri/Jackson’s sex scen is acting bad, No passion!!
    SD and JW should take the CrOwen video and do more practice

  3. Are you kidding me? Power couple…what kind of joke is that? Not sure what show u r watching, but, seriously, they r the worst couple ever on Greys. Thank goodness I could ff through everyone of April’s scenes.

  4. Loved 9.06. 1) Arizona’s progress…YAY!! and Bailey’s “little bird” psychology(?) and Callie finally smiling.
    2) Mer telling Alex about the “tiny list,” that it shouldn’t hurt then when “you stick it up your…” And that Alex is buying Mer’s house.
    3) Yang, Shane, and Heather…the interns are excited and smiling!! YAY for Yang (Dr. Thomas and Yang in Ep 5 reminded me of Obi Wan Kinobi and Luke.) I, for one, really like the new interns.
    4) The lawsuit meetings and esp the shocker at the end…WHAT? Can’t wait to see how this plays out…seems the wrong path to take to me. What do I know?
    5) The argument between Callie and Derek…awesome! I wondered if Callie would have the fortitude to remind Derek that he insisted that she perform the surgery. (Still feel badly for Derek, all the crash victims.)
    6) Dr. Wilson and patient…good story. Was surprised, after seeing Chandra W. discuss this illness, that the patient would be an older man.
    Again, I’m liking Camilla, Jerrika, Gaius, Tess, and Tina (hope I got the names correct).
    7) Jackson and April…love is never smooth and easy in Greyville, will see where this is headed.
    Kinda want to see them stay together. (Of course, we all know what happens to GA couples eventually.)