UPDATED!!!! Promos – GA 9.08 – Love Turns You Upside Down

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Hey Gabblers!

Here is the promo for next week’s episode!

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Canadian Promo:

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UPDATED!!! 05-Dec-2012

(Source|AlwaysDempeo on YT)

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  1. All Intern Episode. I guess I will see everyone in 2 weeks….may skip this one

  2. is anyone able to hear what Liz Shepherd says in the CTV promo?

  3. I’ll watch, but I have a feeling that I’ll be using the fast-forward button a bit.

  4. Hey whaats with all the negativity, I actually think this years interns are an enjoyable storyline to watch, they don’t overdo it, we have no idea how much of the epi it will take up, but Derek has taken on the teaching role, so with Liz Shepherd turning up I sense it will be a Dercentric episode, so geez I cant wait.! :lol:

    • @ozmerder4eva, I agree, lets watch the episode first before saying we don’t like it. And really, how intern centric can an episode be that introduces DEREK’s sister. I have a feeling the interns are just the means to show a new side to the people we already know, meaning the original interns teaching the babies, and the other attendings teaching/associating with interns they don’t have to hots for, screwed their mothers before screwing them over etc…

    • @ozmerder4eva, I like the way you think! I’ll definitely be watching! I can’t remember a time when a new episode was airing and I wasn’t watching because of what the episode could potentially be like.

  5. i hope we get some calzona moments in this ep. after what happend in 9×07 … i want some more calzona kisses!!! :mrgreen:

  6. I don’t really care, I’m still riding high from the last episode. MerDer baby, sweet Sofia, happy Arizona, relieved Callie…Even Cristina/Owen and April/Jackson misery can’t bring me down…

  7. I feel like they’re trying to get us to identify and grow to like the interns with this episode. Der’s not that happy to see Lizzie!
    How many more episodes are going to be shown before Christmas please? Is Bailey’s wedding going to be episode 9.10?
    So happy at MerDer’s impending addition to their family :grin: I’m wondering if McBaby will arrive in S9, or S10 because episode 200 will require big SLs

    • @jules, check out the “What’s On When” section and the calendar link in the upper right column. Next eps: Dec 6, and Dec 13. Great to have 3 eps in 3 weeks!!!

      • @GreyMatters, Thank you for your patience with me. I get a bit thrown by the dates because in the UK we put the date before the month, so 12/4 would be the 12th of April.

        • @jules, Hi, UK person! We do need a Globalish or universal language system, don’t we? Maybe by the year 2500. Glad you’re enjoying Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve watched several British shows over the years.

  8. new interns’ doctor story is more intertesing than Mer’s pregnant and bailey’s wedding

  9. new intern’s doctor story is more more more more more interesting than Japril Story for sure. Everything is more interesting than Japril anyway.

    Go Heather. she’s cute and funny ans i really like Tina Majorino.

    PS : I want more Calzona, or more Arizona, don’t care. I’m a little in love with Jessica Capshaw.

  10. I won’t mind GA recyce the intern story, clone Izzi, clone George, even clone Mer/Cri, ” MAGIC” story in S1/2 was great to the younth
    No sleep with boss!! NO accidently pergant!! No abortion!

  11. i don’t really mind the new interns as long as only a few of them becomes regulars, by a few i think joe and the guy should stay. the rest of them gan go! :P

  12. Joe :???: She’s juste here for Alex, it’s annoying, she’s annoying but i start to like her a little.
    Gaius Charles and Tina Majorino must stay with Camilla though.

    2 other left could leave.

  13. another bid secret?? seriously?? i wonder what it will be THIS time…??

    ps.. shonda finally put arizona in the previews!!! hahaha

    • @calzona1fan, I know, we got to see a whole second or two of her. I almost fainted! haha

  14. If you tstop the new promo at 0:11 you’ll see a picture on what looks like merediths phone of a couple that look more lke april and jackson having sex

  15. I guessing the intern episode is to set up more of a basis for Alex, Kepner and Avery to have a valid plus one to take to Bailey’s wedding?