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Ellen & Patrick talked to E! News about their current storyline.

(Source|E! Online)

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  1. I am so loving all of the Ellen and Patrick interviews, so good to hear from them! Can’t wait for everything MerDer coming up. :mrgreen:

  2. There’s no better couple on TV than Mer & Der! Their interviews still make me smile after 9 seasons! If Shonda has any sense, she will ditch the newbies :roll: & focus more on Mer/Der (which it sounds like she might be planning) & the originals. Thanks for posting. :smile:

    • @olegreymer, umm … haha i hope one of the “newbies” u are talking about isnt calzona… :cry: i love mer and der but… calzona are the best couple :lol:

      • @calzona1fan, Haha, Get a life, or rather get a life in which there is more to it than expressing your deep and biased opinion about calzona

  3. I love any MerDer interview. They are my favorite couple ever on TV. Was very happy seeing this video. Can’t wait for MerDer in this episode. Actually in any episode.

  4. At the beginning is Ellen talking about Neave having had a baby recently or is it Lizzie?

    It’s making me LOL the fact that the advert ran smoothly but Ellen & Patrick’s contribution keeps stopping and starting (is that buffering?). Please don’t take that as a criticism, it’s just an obser :cool: