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You may have noticed we’ve decided to start combining the promo and sneak peek posts to cover all three of our Shonda show – takes up less space!

Here we’ve got the first of the Grey’s Anatomy sneak peeks for this week!

Grey’s 9.09 – Run, Baby, Run

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Things are getting intense!

Scandal 2.09 – Blown Away

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  1. i REALLY hope we get some calzona spoilers!! they looked really great in the promo for 9×09!! i also really hope we get the “rekindaling” both shonda rhimes and sara ramirez talked about in this episode!! :cool:

  2. What a biotch!! In season 1 when the rape victim was on ICU, Der said if he was in hospital he couldn’t keep his family away. Now suddenly they all get pissed when asked to help save him???

  3. I think Lizzie is awesome! I love how we are getting some deeper story for merDer. I always wondered why Derek’s tight knot family weren’t at the first wedding (izzy/Alex) or the second…or why they haven’t been around to see Zola. I love how its getting addressed finally.

    • @Mel, plus its what Mer needs. I’m sure she’s going to shy away from the whole “sister” thing because of Lexie so Derek’s sister being frank and kicking her butt may be helpful.

      • @Mel,
        Really looking forward to this episode. I’ve always found it weird that, with all the terrible things happening in Seattle, Derek’s family never showed up to make sure he is ok (apart from Amelia showing up after the shooting). Same goes for their wedding and adopting Zola. You would think it is Derek’s role to introduce his family. So yeah, I’ve always wondered about the Shepherd family dynamics and I hope we get some answers as to why Derek is so distanced to his sisters.
        I also hope the writers use this opportunity to further develop Meredith’s (and Derek’s) character. It seems like the next step for Mer to eperience what it is like to have family.

        btw, I wonder if they’re going to develop Mer’s relationship with Thatcher after the crash!?

        • @Nis, Shonda said a while back that she felt it would be kind of weird having Jeff Perry as Thatcher at 9:00 and then at 10:00 he’s on Scandal as Cyrus.

  4. I agree with Lizzie. Mer is not used to a family and she and Derek need to incorporate the grandmother, aunts and cousins in Zola and Mcbaby’s life. Maybe Lizzie will open Mer’s eye’s and let them be part of Derek’s family. Maybe she can invite them for Xmas!

    • I actually agree with Lizzie too. Mer/Der and their growing family need to get the aunts, grandma and cousins into their lives it’s not right to be this distant especially with all the tragedies that have happened. I hope this episode brings a beginning for this. :)

  5. I am glad Lizzie gives us more back story to Meredith and Derek but I kind of think she’s talking to the wrong person, it should be Derek she’s telling these things. They’re the in-laws, it’s Derek’s responsibility to make sure his family is included, not Merediths. Or at least that’s the way it works in my family, both my parents are responsible for their side of the family, making sure that they’re invited to family events etc…

    • @m, Totally Agree! I am glad MerDer are getting more focus this season and we’re finally going to know more about Derek’s family. Hope this will get solved in the end.

      • @Tia, agreed :) It needs addressing and I get the feeling that Lizzie knows very little about what’s been going on for the past 5 years (I mean izzie/alex wedding, shooting, trial, and lexie’s death) and so she may not be handling it quite right, but I just hope it all gets resolved in THIS episode, not way later. Lizzie seems nice so it will probably resolve well, I just hope we’re not left hanging….

    • I think that Lizzie should be talking to BOTH Meredith and Derek not just Derek. I feel that she knows about some of the things that have been going on (probably from the shooting on) and I am glad this is being addressed also.

    • @m, In a healthy family dynamic I’d agree with you but there is something not quite right here. If Derek avoids his family then I can see why they’d reach out to Meredith.

  6. hmm do you guys think that Bailey’s wedding will stretch over ep.9 and ep.10 or will this episode be it?

    • @johanna, idk but i really hope that we get some good calzona parts in this episode!! maybe some “rekindaling” that shonda and sara both talked about that was gonna happen at baileys wedding!! becuase i need some calzona love before i gotta wait forever until january 10th before i get to see the “favorite calzona moment” that shonda talked about!

  7. i really hope we get the calzona rekindaling that sara and shonda talked about in this episode!! i am VERY acxious to see what there “first time” after the plane crash plays out to look like!! i hope its one we never forget! :smile:

  8. WE NEED A UPDATE!! common abc!! we need some calzona spoiler scenes!! :mrgreen:

    • @calzona1fan, I guess you can say we got a very small Calzona spoiler with their dresses. haha :mrgreen:

      • @K, Not to mention Callie basically referring to her and AZ as having a “foot wide demilitarized zone down the middle of the bed.” This is gonna be good…

        • @babyh215, omg ik!! i thought they were doing okay now .. becuase of what happend at the end of 9×07.. but apparently i was wrong… :/ :shock: :evil:

        • @babyh215, It is gonna be good and I can’t wait to watch!

  9. wow callie i cant believe you said that about arizona… :/ i thought they were doing ok now.. seens how what happend at the end of 9×07… FOR REAL ShONDA? ugh … this episode is gonna be a great calzona episode

  10. i hope there is a callie and arizona scene b4 the last one that would make callie wanna say that about arizona.. bc they were just fine at the end of episode 7.. there has got to be a reason that callie would say that about arizona

    • @calzona1fan, I don’t think we should get too worked up about it though. Remember last season when Arizona was doing all the cooking with Mark and Callie was talking to Christina after surgery? She sort of went off to her about how Arizona was treating cooking as if it was an orgasm when “clearly it’s not.” I think this will be sort of like that. Callie’s been through a lot at home that the others aren’t aware of, so let’s see what happens. I think they are okay and this was just one of those scenes.

      • @babyh215, I agree with this. I think Callie is frustrated and needed to vent. We’ll see things get better in this week’s episode and the next(after the winter hiatus, of course!).

      • @babyh215, yeah i was thinking that … calzona is my personal favorite and i always go straight to the very bad thing that could possibly happen bc of that reason…. lol i hope we get some acual calzona scenes like in 9×07 …. excpesually b4 we have to wait until jan. 10th for the “favorite” moment shonda was talking about… if we dont get good calzona scenes imma cry :cry:

  11. geeze callie… the last 35 seconds were all dedicated to arizona.. when she started off with “Well if its the Marrige your worried about you can run.” i imediatly knew it was ment for arizona…. i just really hope she is venting! :cry: :|

  12. i’m not really worried about callie and arizona. i think she is just venting. but it got me thinking… sara did say in a interview that she did’t thought they just could scopp everythink under the rug. and is it only me that thinks there is something in callies eyes at the end of the last scene in ep.7 that says that everything is not ok…?
    maybe this is it. maybe we will see arizona apologize…

    • @johanna, maybe ur right … callie is beggining to suffer more than arizona now.. maybe we WILL see arizona apologize… maybe this will be the episode everything unfolds..>!? :grin:

  13. i hope there is a scene that shows callie and arizona getting ready for work and the wedding.. i hope its one where they are in their apartement and just waking up.. maybe they will descus whats been happening while laying in bed…? or while getting ready for work…? i hope we get one of these scenes :o

  14. “foot wide demiliterized zone down the middle of the bed” Really? common arizona give it up!! :cry: :sad:

    • @calzona1fan, I’m not native English speaking so wonder if you could help me. Is this Callie cryptical speaking about AZ’s amputated leg? That’s mean!

      • @Lin1982, yes … this is what callie said about arizona

  15. Actually I am glad that we finally see Callie venting about her feelings. Only she shouldn’t have waited with letting the frustrations come out because now it could be a bomb. I wonder if we will see any conversation between Callie and AZ or AZ apologizing for her behaviour. I’m not sure. Anyway Shonda has promised that we will see something sweet and awesome during this epi or during epi 10 so I’m not afraid. And I’m pretty sure that Bailey will put Callie on her place after this sentence (if you look at her face). Didn’t like the sentence ‘your relationship is doomed’ though.

    • @Lin1982, That it what i am hoping for mostly. is for some conversation between arizona and callie about what has happend… and i really do hope very much that arizona apologiezes .. i just recently read this spoiler that said at the end of the episode callie will “bring arizonas World Wide pitty party tour to an end, in a very funny, loving, and at the same time harsh way.” this was quoted from an Ausiello spoiler.. about episode 9×09

  16. Ooooh I SO hope that MerDer will have this baby, and not a miscarriage again… Please Shonda, no more MerDer drama, it’s all so good right now, well, apart from his hand!

  17. Meredith broke my heart in the sneak. :sad:

  18. I have really enjoyed Callie’s this season. I get the feeling that Jessica has a lighter workload for the beginning of this season because of her very young family. I think next year there will be more Calazona action :grin:
    I prefer the dresses the bridesmaids are wearing rather than the bride. Will Cris be a bridemaid too? I have a feeling that Derek will be the best man, and I want to see Bailey’s parents!