Episode 9.08 to 9.09 Review: Cristina and Owen’s “Love Turns [Us] Upside Down”

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Well, that last episode brought a little bit of holiday cheer, didn’t it? I know we’ve been at this too long to think that all their problems are over, but at least it seems they’re off to a good start toward reconciliation. Apparently, both Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd were telling the truth that the divorce proceedings were ultimately a good thing for their relationship – a way for them to start afresh.

Since the origin of their relationship, whenever Owen and Cristina started to drift apart, Owen has usually been the driving force in trying to get them back together – whether it’s because he’d made a mistake or because he needed to remind Cristina that their relationship was worth saving. However, in our current situation, it’s really Cristina who is laying the cards on the table and wanting to try again. In the interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sandra talked about how it’s no longer about fighting their way back to each other but a coming together and rewriting of their relationship.

Now, not everything is going to be solved instantly just because of this kiss. But this has been their first physically intimate action since Cristina ran off to Mayo. And that means something. It means that the attraction is still there, no matter how hard Owen struggles to pretend there isn’t. But as he mentioned in an earlier episode, they want different things – namely children. At least, right now, they’ve both admitted – verbally or otherwise – that they are on the same page regarding wanting each other. But, as we all know, that isn’t always enough when it comes to being able to build a future together when each person has a different idea as to what that future looks like.

I think, if we are to continue down this path that we’ve been set up with, it will be interesting to see how their reunion comes about this time around. This is, of course, assuming that a reunion is the end goal. But the fact that Shonda has called this the season of romance and that it’d really just be a waste for these two not to end up together, I’m pretty confident that it is.

Natalie Abrams of TVGuide.com wrote a pretty reaction-inducing piece on the couple, saying how in order to truly appreciate that they have, they need to find other relationships. I don’t agree. They’ve had other relationships prior to this one, so they know what they have is special. They don’t need to go out and meet other people just so they can be reminded of that. I think they already know. That’s not the problem. The problem is that there are realistic issues preventing them from being able to stay together. And hopefully, these issues will be dealt with in this season. Then again, these two aren’t known for having the best communication skills. However, Cristina made a step in that direction when she openly admitted that she’d wanted to ask Owen to try again before he used the D word (divorce).

When Cristina asked Owen if the only reason he asked for a divorce was because of the plane crash lawsuit, he said there were many reasons. And I think that these two genuinely need to discuss exactly what those reasons are. I certainly think the major catalyst was the lawsuit given how quickly he pushed for the papers to be drawn up. But Owen’s right: there are other issues at hand. And I’m crossing my fingers that Cristina and Owen are finally at a place where they can talk about it and work through them.

Sorry for the short review! I find myself more interested in what you all think (…and also, sadly, with less time on my hands these days). And going with that, here are the questions:

1. Do you think things will be different now that it’s Cristina being more of the driving force in their reunion?

2. What did you think of the scene in the scrub room where Owen blamed himself for the crash?

3. Do you believe that Cristina and Owen are on the path to being together again? Will they achieve the stability that Meredith and Derek have finally found?

4. What was your reaction to Natalie Abrams’ article (if you read it)? Do you think they need to find other relationships first before they can even think of getting back together?

5.  Do Cristina and Owen have a thing for kissing against walls? Because, if so, I’m all for it.

Happy holidays, everyone! And see you in the new year!

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  1. 1. I think ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ for Cris to realise what she had walked away from. I’m glad Owen had the dignity to accept Cris leaving, even though it was hard on him.
    2.Circumstances contributed to what Owen did to make the budget cuts. But ultimately he is the chief, he choose the aircharter company without having his admin staff check into the company properly.
    3. I still think the subject of children is a huge issue between them. I would hate to see Cris change from the cardio surgeon who loves Owen BUT doesn’t want kids.
    MerDer were always, despite Mer’s nervousness, always into having kids. Der’s had to grow up too, thanks to Owen he had to think about running and hiding when there have been blips in his realtionship with Mer.
    4.Cris has tried a sort of wierd relationship with that horrble doc, no zing.Owen’s had a sad puppy face this season. Was he still wearing his wedding ring until Cris returned? I think they may divorce but eventually live together without worrying abbout a wedding certificate

    • @jules, thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. I agree. Guess we have these sayings for a reason. Because they’re often based off of truth.

      2. That’s true, but I think that he shouldn’t take on the blame entirely. Honestly, you can point your finger at anyone, but one of those planes was going to crash at some point. And they were just unlucky that it was a plane that held SGMW doctors.

      3. Definitely, it is still a huge issue. I am curious to see how it gets resolved…

      4. Interesting theory! And no, he stopped wearing his ring once she came back.

      Thanks again!

  2. Been looking forward to your reviews on this episode – such a lovely christmas present for us CO fans!

    1. Do you think things will be different now that it’s Cristina being more of the driving force in their reunion?
    Yes! I think that her time in Mayo really changed her, and that she knows now that she wants Owen and that they BOTH made mistakes and maybe even that he always fought for her and now it’s her turn to fight for him.

    2. What did you think of the scene in the scrub room where Owen blamed himself for the crash?
    I was sobbing the whole way through this scene “I thought YOU were dead.” killed me – someone give Kevin & Sandra all the awards!!

    3. Do you believe that Cristina and Owen are on the path to being together again? Will they achieve the stability that Meredith and Derek have finally found?
    I hope so! It is the season of romance after all! Plus Kevin McKidd tweeted that he was pushing for us to finally see the westpoint lighthouse, which I honestly would love, so I’m hoping for that!! Also, I’m not convinced MerDer are that stable after Ausiello’s blind item about a couple splitting up that no one will see coming, I really feel it could be them :S

    4. What was your reaction to Natalie Abrams’ article (if you read it)? Do you think they need to find other relationships first before they can even think of getting back together?
    I’ve always been a fan of Natalie, but this article made me very angry. Blaming Owen for all their problems, including (as she so eloquently put it) ‘choking her up’ was just wrong, PTSD is a horrible disease that a lot of people struggle with, and it wasn’t very sensitive of her to refer to it in this way, but I digress. I don’t think they need to find other relationships, Cristina had her sex friend in Mayo and she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror, I think this shows that what CO have with each other is worth fighting for.

    5. Do Cristina and Owen have a thing for kissing against walls? Because, if so, I’m all for it.
    YES!! I thought this too – holy hotness!

    • @CrowenSlexieFan, I know, right? :)

      1. I’m really hoping this will be the last of them needing to have to fight for each other. But that may be naive of me.

      2. Oh man. That was a heartwrenching line. I wish we could’ve seen more of Owen worrying over Cristina. And that moment when he first finds out that the plane’s crashed — and Cristina was on it. Deleted scenes, anyone?

      3. Oh, that would be awesome. Old school Cristina and Owen. I’m all for it. Dude, if Meredith and Derek break up, there are going to be some very angry fans. Beware, Shonda. Haha.

      4. Yeah, I know that the article angered a lot of people. And it’s unfortunate because I know the bulk of the Grey’s Anatomy fans who supported her are Cristina and Owen fans. But I do want them to be together when they’re happy and healthy. So, she got that part right for me.

      5. Holy hotness indeed!

      Thanks for your continued support. Happy holidays! <3

      • @shli1117,

        1. Me too – I think once they have a serious talk about their issues, hopefully they will be stable for a while!

        2. ooh, let’s hope so!

        3. I miss old school CO so much! I’ve been re-watching season 5 recently and I really want for them to go back to that! Sandra said it’s like a new beginning, so maybe!! I hope it’s one of the other couples that Ausiello mentioned rather than MerDer or Calzona, surely Shonda wouldn’t be that stupid after sinking Slexie and Japril and almost Crowen?!

        Happy Holidays!

    • @CrowenSlexieFan, MerDer is not going to break up since they are having a baby and Calizona is not to breakup either. Shonda already broke up Jackson/April and somewhat reunite CO.

  3. 1. Do you think things will be different now that it’s Cristina being more of the driving force in their reunion?

    I really hope so! I hope that Cristina is changed permanently and not like that Shonda writes her again to be old Cristina. I think that happened after season 5.

    2. What did you think of the scene in the scrub room where Owen blamed himself for the crash?

    I feel bad for him :( I understand that he blames for himself but he shouldn’t :( I really like that Cristina felt compassion for Owen.

    3. Do you believe that Cristina and Owen are on the path to being together again? Will they achieve the stability that Meredith and Derek have finally found?

    I think they are on way but it will take time

    4. What was your reaction to Natalie Abrams’ article (if you read it)? Do you think they need to find other relationships first before they can even think of getting back together?

    I hated that article. She said that Owen’s “con list” is longer and I definitely don’t agree on that. That article sucked!!!

    5. Do Cristina and Owen have a thing for kissing against walls? Because, if so, I’m all for it.

    They definitely do! Their best kisses are agains the wall! Joe’s and conference room :)

    • @Rosie, hello hello!

      1. Yeah, I hope they don’t have Cristina regress again. My fingers (and toes) are crossed.

      2. I liked seeing the change in Cristina from being angry over the divorce proceedings to realizing why Owen made that decision. And she knows that he’s got a tendency to carry a huge amount of guilt on his shoulders, especially with his history of PTSD. I think that was the changing point for Cristina and when she realized that they still have a chance.

      3. Me, too.

      4. The only reason Owen’s “con list” is longer is because Shonda threw his character under the bus starting season six. And I was frustrated with the inclusion of the choking and her attitude toward it. I don’t think mental illness should ever be dismissed so glibly. Anyways, the only thing I agreed with her on is that Cristina and Owen need to get together while in a healthier state of mind. However, I don’t think that requires them to be with other people first.

      5. Haha, I just rewatched some old Cristina and Owen clips. And yeah, that conference room scene when Richard walks in was hilarious. I just wish there could be lighter moments for these two that don’t have that underlying angst.

      Thanks, as always, for reading!

  4. 1. Yes. She’s come to realize that surgery isn’t enough for her, and that she wants to be with Owen. By declaring she wants to tr again, and by asking about his reasons for the divorce, she’s demonstrating a change within.

    2. Heartbreaking. He’s taken on a lot of guilt that he shouldn’t have.

    3. I think they’re on the right path, poised to forge a new future together. It won’t be easy, but there is a connection.

    4. I think Natalie wrote that to stir the pot and it was very one-sided. Cristina badly hurt Owen in many ways and has her own list of cons.

    5. I’m all for a scorching whisker burn up against the wall kiss any day. And so is Cristina.

    • @angelamermaid, why, hello there!

      1. Well put! I completely agree.

      2. I think the fact that Owen doesn’t shy away from taking responsibility is one of the reasons I liked him in the first place.

      3. Yes!

      4. Yeah, she certainly achieved her goal of stirring the pot. Lol.

      5. Haha. And Sandra Oh! “It’s your lips and your skin, babe.”

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  5. I posted this in the wrong spot.. :mrgreen:
    I’m gonna answer the questions later..for now these are my thoughts!

    CRISTINA/OWEN: the scene in the scrub room when CO confronted each other was so BRILLIANT. Gotta love those two. Gotta love KMK. He is a real talent.
    I feel like there’s still too much Crowen stuff that got swept under the carpet in order to “try things again”.. You know, the big B-word. But apparently in Shondaland that can be forgotten.. there was just this hint of “unilateral decision about our marriage” that made me jump in my seat, was that supposed to be like the abortion-thing? It was really nice I have to admit, seeing some more Crowen-smut instead of the perpetual angst that we’ve been used to, for the past season and a half.
    Sandra looked STUNNING in that dress, the make-up was a little too hot pink for my taste, but maybe they wanted to show how the passion between them sparked all over again, Kevin was all stained with lipstick
    BAILEY: perfectly normal to be jittery, it was a normal, human, flawed part of the “always-sure-of-myself-Bailey” that I actually liked to see. It was endearing that Webber picked her up with the limo, it was very mentor-protege/father-daughter kind of thing. It was sweet.
    MER/DER: I get that Greys are different and do things differently, but since it’s Derek’s part of the family, it was up to him to let them come closer, he mentioned several times how his sisters were close to him and nagged him, but so far things seem to be pretty strained
    We may see a different darker side of that family now, Lizzie said pretty interesting stuff, Derek is the wonder-child, her mother hates Lizzie.. I think that Derek is a little too self-righteous in general, when it comes to his sisters, that would be totally in-character, since he is the sibling of someone with a drug problem. I mean, there’s not just AA to help people with addictions, there is also AL-ANON, to help people that deal with addicts, because that’s a very serious problem, and you develop a mirror-disease, so to speak.. I don’t think that this is ever going to be an issue in Shondaland, but yeah, Derek fits the profile of how that situation can take its toll on you. Meredith is still in denial regarding the baby, she thinks that if she doesn’t acknowledge the fact that she’s pregnant, it would be no biggie if she had a miscarriage. How very Grey of her.
    I do agree that things between Cristina and Meredith have changes. I don’t really feel that much twisted sisterhood anymore. Mer tells Lizzie before Cristina? Why on Earth wouldn’t she tell Cristina, of all people, she’s not April, besides, Callie pretty much knows already, did we forget that?
    It will be hard for Owen though, see another Grey baby in the making, just when CO are trying to have another go.
    At this point, I’m really sensing a love-child coming from Owen’s past, Beth that kept her pregnancy a secret, or the blonde from Joe that shows up with a toddler. You just wait. It’s coming.
    ADELE WEBBER: We pretty much know already that she’s going to go, so my interest in that particular part of the storyline..it’s close to zero..but let’s see how it will affect others, maybe someone will be inspired to seize the day and not waste time worrying, maybe Bailey is going to get hitched after all..
    ALEX/THAT INTERN PLAYED BY KATE MIDDLETON body double : this is an interesting storyline. I’m looking forward to seeing more and more of those two. She is very “Lexie-Greyish”, I think that all those plans that Shonda may have had for Lexie, now they’re going to be developed on her. (And she was unbelievable in that dress! WOW!)
    APRIL/JACKSON: Could April be more irritating? No, I don’t think so. She is either annoying (to me obviously!! personal opinion!! or she just bores me to tears) but on the other hand, Jackson bloomed apparently, he’s hot now!
    CALZONA: Callie is frustrated, Arizona is still upset because she’s missing a foot and shoes comes in a set, like earrings. Ok, nothing more nerve-wrecking in this episode.
    Anyone else..anyone else… oh right, I wonder what happened to the infamous “confidential agreement”, since apparently everyone knows about what’s behind that, now.. Is Owen gonna get into (more) trouble because he dished?

    • @Laura.Regency, haha, oops!

      Haha, I love how your analysis gets down to the makeup! Love it. And yeah, she was gorgeous in that dress. And I agree that there is still too much that has been not discussed. Hopefully, things will come out eventually.

      Loved the Bailey/Richard moment. So cute.

      I actually really enjoy Lizzie, but I may be biased because I like Neve Campbell. And I think it was very telling that Meredith told Derek’s sister before she told Cristina. It represents a total shift in that relationship.

      I pray that we will not get a love child. But I wouldn’t put it past Shonda, apparently.

      Poor Adele. :\

      I honestly skipped over a lot of April and Jackson. O:-)

      And…Callie and Arizona.

      Oh yeah. Well, technically Derek figured it out, so Owen didn’t blab. But we’ll see…

      Thanks for always reading and commenting! Hope you had a great holiday. And hope you have a happy new year!

  6. I just want both of them happy and I know we know when they be happy they belong each other I hope they be better they belong each other they can love each other more than past they grow up espicialy cristina they can have kids and just be happy say me please they back each other.

    • @cristina, yes, I want them to be happy. Haven’t we all gone through enough? WE DESERVE SOME HAPPINESS!

  7. Hello, again, my friend. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. I did!!! Owen and Cristina are hitting the sheets again!!! Even hubby noticed the passion between the two of them. (He’s uncomfortable with love scenes. So, that’s a big deal coming from him. But, you didn’t hear that from me. Wink, wink.) Now, on to your questions.

    I think that Cristina’s actions do mean something. I have always believed that Owen was the driving force in their relationship. After all, it was Owen who had to face down the demons of his horrific past and, finally, deal with his PTSD. So, he could be a better man for Cristina.

    Cristina continued to love Owen, after he nearly killed her. She could have walked then and no one would have blamed her. In fact, her person thought she was crazy, at the time. That is the ‘one’ time, I can remember Cristina putting forth any effort in their relationship. No, I’m wrong. Cristina did say “yes” to Owen, with a really cute kiss back in Season 5. But, other than that, it was Owen doing- all- of the heavy lifting.

    I think Cristina realizes just how much Owen means to her. He loves her and wants her to be the greatest cardio-goddess ever. She definitely wants Owen back. I think she’s all in, this time.

    The OR scene was excellently performed, by Kevin and Sandra. I mean, Cristina was livid with Owen, starting from finding out from Meredith, the real reason for the divorce. Then, Owen reveals the fact that he chose the unsafe airline that crashed. He is overwhelmed with guilt and Cristina gets to watch it play out across his face. All of her anger just disappears, as she tries to assure Owen that it wasn’t his fault. Did you notice that Owen couldn’t bring himself to mention Lexie or Mark? Owen admitting that he thought Cristina was dead, broke my heart. It broke Cristina’s too. Great acting from both of them. I cheered, when Owen took credit for his part in the crash. It reinforced, what I’ve always known about Owen Hunt. He’s a stand-up kind of guy. He’s not making excuses for anything he’s done. He’s just trying to make it right.

    This is a tough question, for me, because I love these two characters, so-o-o much. I believe they are destined to be together. I just don’t know how, with Owen wanting babies and Cristina not wanting them. My guess is that they will have to write their own rules as they go. They will become a stable- like- Meredith and Derek, just different. (HaHaHa!!!}

    Natalie has a valid point, but, not for Owwn and Cristina. They are not that couple. Owen had an affair with a woman, and he can’t even remember her name. I’m sure you remember how that ended. Poor Cristina had a ‘sex’ friend. She reminded me of a fish out of water, gulping for air, when we saw them together. Yuck!

    The love that Owen and Cristina share was forged, during that ‘first’ kiss in Season 5. They became soulmates; they became Crowen forever.

    They are the best kissers on Grey’s, maybe all of TV. Their kisses up against the wall are always so hot!!! More please, Shonda.

    Happy New Year’s, Sherrie!!! Take care.

    The push and pull, between Owen and Cristina was really good in this episode. This scene broke the ice for them to starting

    • @TraumaQueen, hello! I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday! (I tried snowboarding. I fell so many times, but it was quite fun.)

      Haha, I won’t tell hubby. ;)

      I agree that she, too, is all in this time. Sure, she has reservations. But she, like you said, knows that this relationship is worth it.

      Yeah, when he says that line about having thought Cristina was dead, it made me really wish we could’ve seen more of that moment.

      I want them to have a stable relationship, but someone on the show has to have a tumultuous one. Let’s just hope it moves on from being Cristina and Owen.

      Yes, more please! :)

      Happy New Year’s! Hope you have a fun (and safe!) celebration.

      Till next time! ♥