Do Owen & Cristina Belong Together?

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TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams has brought up that question once again: Do Crowen belong together?

Throughout the ensuing years, there’s been a lot of push and pull between the duo as they decided whether they could actually be together, what with his PTSD and her inability to let anyone else in. The introduction of Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), the third point in the much-despised love triangle, was a major obstacle that was finally vanquished for good with Raver’s exit from the series in Season 8.

(Source | TV Guide)

To read the entirety of her argument, click the source link above.

What do you think? Do Owen and Cristina deserve each other? Or do you think they’re better suited to someone else? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. I really hope Cristina gets a new love interest. Owen needs to go, he’s even more useless than April and Jackson combined.

    • @Jill, I find him useful at least because he is chief so then no one else has to do that job that doesn’t want it especially because it’s highly highly highly unlikely that Richard would get to be chief again! In fact I’m pretty sure that in real life they would have fired Richard/taken away his medical license for the whole trial thing not just kicked him out of the chief position. Of course he didn’t actually do it but the board either does believe him or is willing to let him be the scapegoat/take the fall for it. Anyway… I’ll end this reply now…

  2. Yeah, I’m mixed on this topic. I really do think they belong together, except the whole kid thing. I absolutely believe that Cristina does not want kids and that’s fine. Whether or not she ever decides later in life that she wants kids isn’t the issue. Right now she knows that her career is her number one and she isn’t willing to turn into Ellis Grey and do to her kid what Mer had done to her. And she doesn’t want to regret giving up parts of her career-side to care for a kid. And she doesn’t see this changing so she’s being as honest as she possibly can about herself.

    Owen is also being honest. He wants kids at least at some point in the next few years. JUst as I don’t think Cris shoud change herself to have kids I don’t think Owen should have to compromise and not have kids. However, it’s something that Owen has to decide for himself. Is he willing to accept that he won’t have kids (and fully accept it and move on) if he stays with Cris or does he want kids more than he wants to stay with his wife. He would have to not use it against her in arguements and things because it would be his choice and all. Both sides of thought for Owen are completely valid.

  3. Yeah they both have their faults but what matters is that they truly love each other….they love each other enough to fight for their love. I would love to see how they work out their relationship. Many say break them up, but I would hate to see them break up and be miserable apart. We’ve seen it and of gets old fast.
    If we make a list of all their faults and what they’ve done to each other they should not be the only couple to break up. All the relationships on GA are messed up and unhealthy. M/D, A/C, the chief and Adele and now Katherine (I think that’s her name). The only difference is that shonda has “solved” their problems or has made it seem that way… I personally want to see them fight for each other. Cristina has changed for the better!!! Children-that is a big issue for them but whose to say the Cris wont want children in the future. She’s seen what it is to be alone and what happens to you when you have no one around. Do I want Cris change her mind about children, now no. She’s not ready and I’d rather her and Owen work on them right now. Years down the line where her relationship and job are steady yes.

    • @Carmen, hear, hear!

  4. I have a feeling that Shonda isn’t in a hurry to resolve the conundrum that is Crowen’s marriage/relationship. The having children conflict isn’t a half measure problem and it’s not going away!

  5. actully she want kids and she dont hate the babies cristina chang she said that thats mean maybe she changs her mind about the kids and have them owen just dont want to hear cristinas speech in episode 10 shetry speak but owen dont let her if they sit and talk maybe they can solve their problems but finally they divorce and that is so sad merder really happy with their children but poor cristina & owen :cry:

  6. I hope they stay together. They seem like soulmates to me. I cant imagine them being with anyone else. Cristina is very proud, so the fact that she even considered forgiving him at ALL means she still loves him. As for Owen, you could tell he felt like a piece of dirt the whole time and is lost without her… Idk I guess I’m just a sap