Spoilerish: GA Couples Update!

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Check below the cut for some spoilerish updates on Crowen, Merder and Calzona!

Owen and Cristina had a complicated marriage this season. At first they lived in different states, though still legally married, and in episode eight Owen asked Christina for a divorce, though she approached him and intended to ask him first to work on the marriage. Christina found out in episode nine that Owen wanted a divorce primarily to make the lawsuit stronger for the doctors at Seattle Grace that were in the plane crash last season, which included Cristina. Owen also admitted that he wanted the divorce and for the doctors to get as much money as they could out of the suit because he feel somehow responsible and guilty – he hired the charter company that flew the plane that ultimately crashed, injuring some doctors and killing others. Cristina at that moment, in a long gown ready to go to Bailey’s wedding, admitted to Owen that she was not done with the marriage and that she wanted to tell him to give it one more shot before he asked her for a divorce. The two began kissing and the show ended with viewers assuming they will be a couple once more. They also were not seen at the church among the wedding guests, meaning they could have stayed at the hospital to spend time together.

Meredith and Derek faced an uphill battle with his hand injury and her miscarriages. However, episode nine leaves off with Derek coming out of surgery on his hand, which Callie performed with Jackson’s help, and the doctors said it was very successful. Derek was still in recovery with his hand wrapped up in a cast so viewers will have to wait until after the winter break to see if he can operate again. Meredith is also pregnant and though it is early, she shows a sonogram photo to Derek’s sister who is visiting town. She has yet to tell Cristina though, which even surprises Derek, because she is skeptical that she may miscarry once again.

Callie admitted in episode nine that Arizona‘s prosthetic leg and the self-esteem issues she has as a result of it has consuming their relationship. “It’s all about the damn leg,” she yelled. Arizona has returned to work at the hospital finally but she acts stubborn about wearing flat shoes to Bailey’s wedding instead of heels because of her prosthetic. The couple’s arguments throughout the season have primarily focused on Arizona’s disability and viewers are not sure where their relationship will go from here.

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  1. I’m wondering when MerDer’s baby news is gonna be common knowledge to all the docs.

  2. jules, they are gonna found out on diner when Mer doesn’t drink anything

  3. Yeah, so it’s probably episode 12 after the pics Patrick posted on twitter. Can’t wait for the rest of this storyline. :mrgreen: