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Have you seen the lastest sneak peek for Thursday’s episode? Here’s what Kevin McKidd has to say about the future of Crowen!

After two years of turbulent marriage, Owen and Cristina are at the crossroads, when his attorneys send over divorce papers — forcing the couple to make a final decision about their status as husband and wife — during Thursday’s “Things We Said Today” episode.

“He’s in a corner and he can’t get out of it,” McKidd recently told The Hollywood Reporter during a recent visit to the Hollywood set of the ABC drama. “It’s Owen being honorable and doing the hero thing falling on his own sword to save everybody else but I don’t think [Cristina and Owen] are done at all. They’ve done a lot of damage to each other over the years but they don’t want [to divorce]; they love each other.”


What do you think? Is Owen right in his assessmentĀ about theirĀ marriage?

Based on the last episode, it’s clear that neither 1 of them want to sign the papers and that Owen is only doing it to help the survivors of the crash. Can they sign the papers and still work to get back to each other? I think so! I’m with Kevin McKidd, I’m holding onto the hope that I have!

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  1. I have watched the sneak peek (I won’t admit to just how many times) & I certainly remember the last episode when Cristina told Owen that she wanted to try again. I am sure there is more to the sneak peek scene than is shown & knowing everything that Owen said is totally true, I do believe he will be willing to try again. Plain & simple, he loves her just as much as she loves him. It was refreshing to see tears rolling down her face & seeing him teary-eyed discussing the divorce. He was very descriptive & I enjoyed hearing that. Often times the Grey’s actors make me feel like they are just merely reciting lines they have memorized & there is no “feeling” put into it. Izzie & Callie are the only two characters that cry/cried with any conviction. I would like to see more of that from all the couples.

    The first thing I am looking for is great dialogue with Cristina professing her love for Owen & when she fully realized that she really did love him – maybe a surprise to us will ensue. Before she left on the plane when she was having good-bye sex with him? At the crash site? When she lived in MN & was medically partnering with Dr. Thomas? Maybe some other time that we wouldn’t think of? I would like for her to tell Owen the experience of living in MN & being with Dr. Thomas & learning what she did from him both professionally & personally & her time with Dr. Thomas was the push she needed to return to Seattle & come back to Owen & to apologize to him for all she has done to ruin their marriage & to ask for forgiveness & make that conversation the stepping off point to a possible reconciliation & living back at the firehouse. (I love that place – it really IS them!!!) Then it is Owen’s turn – they both have destroyed their marriage.

    The second thing they need to do is stop hopping into bed first – sounds kind of silly seeing that they are married & not that I don’t want to see their hot sexy scenes either! They have that part of their relationship perfected. Just about any wall in & out of that hospital tells me so! lol! It is once they emerge from against the wall or out of bed that problems arise. They need to quietly sit & talk to each other – not at each other – but to each other just like they are doing in the sneak peek scene. How interesting that the tables are reversed & Cristina is trying to avail to Owen about taking a minute to think about it vs when Owen tried to avail to Cristina regarding the abortion. “Let’s sit & discuss it” & we know how that ended. I still say that if they did as he asked, Owen would have agreed to the abortion even knowing what that meant to his dream of having kids at that point. All couples are not made the same, some have an easier time of it because they totally “listen” to what their partner is saying to them. Neither one of these people listen very well, so that really is the second thing they have in common!!! Maybe if they start to quietly sit & discuss matters, neither will have to resort to all the yelling, that would be a great start. Interesting that God gave all of us two ears & only one mouth!

    Running around the mulberry bush is for kids … they both need to start being assertive (not to be confused with aggressive) & tell the other they need to talk & then the other person just listens & asks for clarification – just as Cristina did to tell Owen that she wanted to tell him originally that she wanted to try again – when she rephrased what she was trying to convey to him, he got it. It’s as simple as that. People tend to make it harder than it really is or has to be. This is ALL my opinion, of course.

    Happy New Year everyone! I am hoping that the second part of Grey’s Anatomy is better than the first – cuz the first part of the season was pretty damned terrific!!!

    • @bearsfan, LOVE your enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      • @GreysRcksMyWorld, Thank you for the nice compliment! I see so much more potential in their life’s journey as a couple than we are being given. And much of that is because of, in my opinion, too many characters. Add to it the patients & the show is way too stretched. I hope that we will get to see more out of them the rest of this season … just love these two together!!

        I could see a pregnancy, Cristina Yang style! omg – so much humor could be woven into the storyline. We know she can be that & a whole lot more! :-)

        • @bearsfan, Yeah. I wanted to see a Cristina-style baby bump so bad… that would certainly be something new, entertaining, with drama passion joy laughter… the reasons we got hooked to grey’s in the first place… and not look at where we are!
          But I don’t see that happening now. She was already pregnant, she had an abortion. End of story.. it would be such a scandal if she regretted her decision at some point. Shonda made her a spokes-woman for the pro-choice choice practically…

  2. the divoice isn’t really dovice, hope Crowen won’t sign the paper! it make me sad!

  3. Please let it be over, this Crowen nonsense is getting so boring. I want Cristina to be with someone who accepts that she doesn’t want a child.

  4. It may be that Owen wants a divorce cos of the circumstances of his involvement in the plane crash. But KMK hints I feel are to reassure Crowen fans that even if the divorce happens, Crowen aren’t over.
    There are problems that they’ve continuously avoided talking about, and the sneak peak is brutal, but is based on some truth. Owen wanted that baby, and Cris didn’t. :sad:

    • @jules, what do you think will happen now? They will “hang out”? :shock: But I feel so cheated because apparently they are saying “woops, getting married was a mistake”, I regret marrying you”. That’s harsh, no matter what spin Shonda tries to put on it. I’m so sad!!!!! :sad:

      • @Laura.Regency, I fully agree … I’ve said this at a couple of other sites today … I’m all up for being honest but to tell the woman you married that they should never have, well that’s pretty brutal. I am known for being upfront & honest but there still are times when words should be kept behind one’s lips & this was one of those times. Maybe this was still all about the lawsuit, though it really didn’t sound like it. What Owen said to Cristina was on a personal level. Let’s hope that this was just a “plot twist” & they re-marry but I am thinking not – actually I do see them going their separate ways eventually, he still wants children. Who knows, a child somehow could entire his/their lives without her becoming pregnant at all – there is a plot twist right there!! lol!! And NOT to be picky, but when Cristina signed the divorce papers first, in my opinion, she should have handed the pen directly to Owen, not set it down on top of the papers. Sorry, it sounds picky … after all of the ups & downs throughout the show, they waited til close to the end of the show for them to sign the papers, deflated my enthusiasm for the entire episode, even though it really was a great one. Roller coaster of emotions for sure. And I’m not sure of the Alex/Jo pairing, I don’t see her at all with Alex, I’m thinking more Leah but that’s just me.

        • @bearsfan, Yes. Heartbroken is the word that defines my state right now! :sad:

      • @Laura.Regency,I think they’ll just be together, but not be married, and probably having their own places. They can’t divorce and then get together immediately again. Perhaps Owen will adopt a child on his own? If he really wants a family maybe he’d do that? I’m not sure. But I hope Cris doesn’t have a sudden urge to have a baby, it wouldn’t ring true to her character

  5. This is Shonda re-writing history though.

    Is it a wedding that destroyed everything? It means that when we were so smitten with their simple beautiful wedding, we were just fools?

    I get that the plot twist needed to see them divorced, but they accepted their marriage as something wrong, that was not supposed to happen.

    They were not in a box, it’s not because of that that they tore each other apart. Like when Burke left, Shonda made us believe that he really didn’t love her in the first place, but for the 3 season previous to that we shipped them because they were the real thing. :evil:

    What does this mean now? That they will go from “married” to “dating”? Maybe not even be exclusive so he can screw around and knock up some other chick?

    Mark my words, 50 says that Shonda will send away KMK after season 9. OWEN IS GOING BACK TO THE ARMY. And die in the war or something. :cry:

    • @Laura.Regency, It is possible that the show will go until the 10th season & maybe Kevin McKidd is on the last year of his contract, who knows? Also, to NOT be picky again but I’m going to be – Callie, Arizona & Meredith had beautiful dresses on – the color Arizona had on was no where near the color of the other two but I can deal with that – what I found very distracting was the color lipstick she was wearing with that wine-colored dress – it overpowered her very beautiful face, skin & hair color. If they can’t really come close to a match, when I really doubt, she should have worn a light lipgloss. All the dresses were gorgeous though. Everyone needs to watch the color red – sometimes it can be way too much. They are all beautiful women, no need for all that & more!!!

      Now back to Owen & Cristina …. :-)

      • @bearsfan, I thought the same thing about Cristina’s lipstick before it got all smudged by the heated Crowen’s make-up/make-out. TOO hot pink! So not her. :| And it was really unflattering, it seemed almost clown-like :shock: Then of course once they were done making up Cristina looks all fresh faced with no trace of that trashy make-up. well, isn’t Shondaland the best make-up remover? :lol:

        I also noted something clumsy and “wrong” in Cristina’s posture when she just closed the door o.O Great dress, she’s beautiful…AMAZING LEGS… but those shoulders looked so stiff and unconfortable..Am I the only one that thinks so?