Spoilerish: Scandal -New Casting!

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If you watch Scandal, you know that the question at the end of Season 1 was, “Who Is Quinn Perkins?” That question was answered in the opening minutes of Season 2 and while we’ve 0nly gotten snippets of what has lead up to Lindsay Dwyer becoming Quinn Perkins, from this tidbit of information, it looks like we’ll be getting more details!

Art will kinda sorta (but hopefully not too much!) imitate life when Scandal cast member Katie Lowes‘ actor-husband shows up on ABC’s buzzy sophomore drama as a very important man from Quinn’s past.

Adam Shapiro, whose TV credits include Grey’s Anatomy‘s gunman-in-the-hospital two-parter and a recurring role on NBC’s new White House comedy 1600 Penn, will guest-star in at least one episode of Scandal as Lindsay Dwyer’s doomed boyfriend Jesse.


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