T.R. Knight on the Good Wife!

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Do you watch The Good Wife? If so, you noticed T.R. Knight also known as George O’Malley in this past Sunday’s episode. Here’s what he had to say to The Hollywood Reporter!

“From Eli’s perspective, Jordan represents this cocky guy coming in” to help with Peter’s gubernatorial campaign, the “Grey’s Anatomy” vet told THR, “and Eli obviously has a problem with that.”

After a five-season stint on Grey’s Anatomy came to an end in 2009, T.R. Knight has laid low in the TV world. (A Law & Order: SVU guest-starring gig was his only post-Greys small-screen credit for a while.) Now, he’s taking on The Good Wife as political wunderkind Jordan Karahalios.

“Eli’s having some issues with the Department of Justice so in order for [Peter's] campaign to cover their bases, they need someone there in case Eli needs to pull out,” Knight said in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s a necessary evil.”

Though Eli and Jordan — whose first appearance comes in Sunday’s winter return — want similar things, it’s how they attain them that’s a point of contention.


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