Pics & Videos: EP at the People’s Choice Awards!

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Hey Gabblers!

The People’s Choice Awards took place last night and we are glad to announce that 9 seasons later and Grey’s Anatomy is still being awarded for the work that the Cast & Crew consistently put in!

Here’s a bit of a round up of things that took place last night, from fashion to speeches!

Lists of Winners:


Here’s what Ellen wore!


Here’s a video of EP walking the Red Carpet!

(Source|maximotv on YT)

The cameras snapped Ellen with Jesse Williams aka Dr. Jackson Avery!


And lastly, here is what Ellen had to say when she received her award!

(Source|AnatomySurgery on YT)


Big congrats to Grey’s Anatomy and Ellen Pompeo…the People have spoken!

I’m loving the look she chose for the night! Very simple yet well accessorized!

Jesse kept it simple and I’m guessing from the video he was Ellen’s escort for the night!

I love that Ellen understands that 9 Seasons later, it’s because the fans are still so invested that she and the show can still win awards voted on by the People!


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  1. Thrilling!! Ellen Pompeo was eloquent and beautiful and appreciative, once again, to her fans! Loved it!
    Jesse Williams was looking good, also!
    YAY for Grey’s Anatomy!!!!!

  2. I was jumping for joy when Ellen won and Grey’s was announced as the winner. Well deserved! Ellen looked adorable as always.

  3. So happy Ellen and Grey’s won! I was crying tears of joy, her speech is perfect.

  4. Congrats to Ellen! Her speech was so cute!

  5. I’m glad Ellen finally won, she so deserves it. I wish she had mentioned Patrick like he did when he won. I’m glad that Grey’s won. The PR people have been working overtime trying to say Scandal is the best TV Drama right now. I also just saw an interview where Shonda said that she decided to take the Grey’s Anatomy back from the fans and not listen to what they say. Maybe she should rethink that since the fans just voted it the best TV drama.

  6. I’m soooooooo excited by this! It’s so long overdue. I truly wish that the other actors & such that vote on those “other” awards would take a good look at Ellen Pompeo because she is exceptional. I am so happy for her and as always she is so gracious in her thankfulness to the fans.

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