Hey Gabblers – Well I’m very sad to post this next item.  I loved Adele and hated to see her go.  I’ve started the article but to finish reading the interview you will need to click on the source link below.  Then come back and tell us how you feel losing Adele.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Postmortem:  James Pickens on Adel’s Heartbreaking Fate and What’s Next

“His job had taken precedence over his personal life and death really affected him much more profoundly than folks realize”  the actor tells THR.

Grey’s Anatomy upped its death toll this season Thursday when Richard Webber’s wife, Adele, joined the list of the ABC medical drama’s dearly departed.

After being rushed to Seattle Grace in the midseason finale, Loretta DeVine‘s Emmy winner — who had been suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease — successfully made it out of an emergency surgery, thanks to Meredith, Bailey and the Chief’s eleventh-hour recommendation. Holding himself responsible for no longer going to see his wife, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) After she survives the surgery, Adele wakes up and shares a beautiful moment of clarity with Richard, asking him to stay with her, while indirectly allowing Bailey to return to her postponed wedding ceremony to Ben.

After Bailey (Chandra Wilson) confesses to Ben (Jason George) that she’s afraid her professional ambition will harm their relationship, Ben reassures her — they’re both on the same page as surgeons, or in his case, an aspiring one — they take the plunge and tie the knot.

The good news for Adele, however, doesn’t last long. Richard ultimately shows up at Bailey’s reception to congratulate her but comes with heavy news, revealing to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that Adele passed away. As it turns out, the surgery fixed the aneurism, but her heart couldn’t take it and she suffered a fatal heart attack. As Richard looks on to see Bailey and Ben sharing their first dance as husband and wife, we flash back to a poignant scene of his wedding to Adele, complete with their “My Funny Valentine” song.

The Hollywood Reporter hit the set of the Shonda Rhimes drama and quizzed Pickens on how Richard will handle Adele’s death, what this means for his relationship with Jackson’s mom, Catherine (Debbie Allen) and what’s next for the Chief.


This just broke my heart.  Adele didn’t know Richard at the home and she had fallen in love with someone else, that’s why Richard stepped back.  He didn’t abandon Adele.  But you just know he’s going to blame himself.  That final scene with Richard & Adele dancing in their wedding attire and hearing “My funny Valentine” just tore me up.  Didn’t you find it very moving?  Tell us below.

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