UPDATED!!!!! Sneak Peeks – Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice & Scandal!

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Hey Gabblers!

As you know, we’re doing something different with combining all the sneaks peeks in 1 post!

Grey’s Anatomy – 9.10 – Things We Said Today

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UPDATED!!! 08 Jan 2013

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UPDATED 10 Jan 2013

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Scandal – 2.10 – One For The Dog


UPDATED 08 Jan 2013

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UPDATED 09 Jan 2013

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  1. Can’t wait from Grey’s sneak peeks! This winter hiatus seemed longer than it actually was, but not much longer now.

    • @K, Ugh…that first sentence makes no sense! Was supposed to say, “Can’t wait for some Grey’s sneak peeks!” I guess I shouldn’t type when I’m tired! :)

  2. i hope we get some Greys Sneak peaks… preferably Calzona.. shonda has been good with keeping them a secret … but maybe this time they will give us a preview of CALZONA SEX!! YAY CALZONA!! :grin:

  3. i already seen the 1st sneak peak .. AND ITS CALZONA!! the sneak peak shows arizona taking callie to the hotel room… :)

  4. What does Arizona say between “it has a view” and “it has a bed”? I can’t make it out.

    • @Hayley,

      She says though honestly I only cares if it has a bed.

      • @ccgirl31, Thanks!

    • @Hayley, she says .. “I got us a room .. and it has a view .. but i just wanna only care about the fact that is has a bed..”

      • @calzona1fan, Thanks!

      • @calzona1fan, thanks, I didn’t understand either. Sexy!


  6. Although i am happy calzona is back… and arizona is so jumpy and all over Callie.. but i really do hope they slow down and their “first time” after the crash is meaning full :|

    • @calzona1fan, I’m thinking that things will slow down a bit when they get to the hotel room or that’s what I’m hoping for. Still, that sneak peek was funny and cute. :)

    • @calzona1fan, I’m glad she is taking initiative. It is such a funny and sweet scene. Seems she can hardly wait either. :razz:

  7. every time arizona says “yes” the second time i cant help but be like “oh..my..god..” lol it gets me everytime…. :mrgreen:

  8. lol i have a feeling there aint no amputated leg under that dress… hahah … walkin a little fast there jcap.. :lol:

  9. Sad for Cristina and Owen.

  10. After seeing the CTV promo, I was so excited about Crowen, now I’m sad again after seeing the sneak :( if we get screwed over again, I’m gonna be so pissed off!

    Super excited for Calzona though, they’re so cute!

    • @CrowenSlexieFan, I feel the same way about C/O . We have had nothing but pain and anguish . We need some happiness dang

  11. Yeah something tell’s me Fitz didn’t send that letter, it was none other then Mellie is my guess.

    • @Auzzigrey, I’m thinking the same exact thing!!! Something tells me that Mellie doesn’t want to the Administration go down and this time I don’t even think it’s for personal reasons other than “the DC 5″

      • @GreysRcksMyWorld, well the latest peek put that guess to bed – i was correct.

  12. There is a second sneak peek with Calzona. Anyone seen it yet? The look on AZ’s face, kind of disappointment that Callie told Bailey she could always run. I guess this will makes her thinking she might lose Callie and motivates her to book the room.

  13. now i think arizona just do that because she feel afraid that she might lose callie, but well.. i can’t wait to see what happen