Spoiler: New Interns.

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Hey Gabblers – This article talks about upcoming possibilities for the New Interns on Grey’s Anatomy.  I’ve put this below the cut because everybody may not want to know this.

Grey’s Anatomy Interns Might Return For Season 10


In a rare turn of events for Grey’s Anatomy the new interns may become series regulars!

Although the interns originally signed on for guest roles it looks as though they may have gained permanent spots on Grey’s Anatomy. TV Line is reporting that show creator Shonda Rhimes has extended to the interns the option to becomes series regulars. This is big news for Gaius Charles (playing intern Shane), Tessa Ferrer (playing intern Leah), and Jerrika Hinton (playing intern Stephanie).

Camilla Luddington (playing intern Jo) was already offered this in her original contract. Unfortunately for Tina Majorino (playing intern Heather) this turn of events might prove messy as she’s already signed on for a role in the pilot for Legends for TNT. However, if the show doesn’t get picked up she will still have the option to return to Grey’s Anatomy.

Just because Rhimes has extended their contracts doesn’t guarantee roles as series regulars, but that does seem to be the direction they are heading. Especially with the interns’ storylines being so interwoven with their attendings.

Fans need not worry about their original characters as Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr. already signed on for season 10.

Do you want to see this season’s interns return next year?


Well, as opposed as I’ve been to pretty much all the other new interns, I have to say that they got some quality actors this time and I hate to admit it but I like them.  What do you think of the interns sticking around?

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  1. Can’t wait for a recap of episode 9×10… have lotes to vent about.. :evil:

  2. Not surprised at this news. Shonda is really hoping that GA followers will care enough for this group of characters that they will watch GA season 11.
    I’m a bit confused, will these three continue and the rest leave? the cast is getting too big again if three more season regulars are added.