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Hey Gabblers!

Some strange but interesting news for you here: Patrick Dempsey is battling Starbucks in a bidding war.

It looks like Starbucks doesn’t take a loss very well: Despite losing a bidding war with Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey to buy Seattle coffee chain Tully’s, Starbucks plans to fight back with the bankruptcy court.

The Seattle Times reports on Starbucks‘ intent to file a claim with the bankruptcy court to prove its bids, along with AgriNurture’s bids, should be accepted over Dempsey’s bids. Dempsey’s final bid for Tully’s coffee stores was $9.15 million; together, Starbucks and AgriNurture (a wholesale retailer of fruits and veggies) made a combined bid of $10.56 million for Tully’s. According to sources, Starbucks wants Tully’s 25 Seattle storefronts — which could very easily become new Starbucks locations.

(Source | The Daily Meal)

Bet you didn’t know that!

Who do you think should win the war? Comment below and click the source link for further information.

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  1. This story was on the ABC Nightly News with Diane Sawyer & Patrick Dempsey was interviewed on CNN of which I viewed both. It doesn’t matter if this is Patrick Dempsey or anyone else, for someone to front that much money, go up against a major US corporation thru the court system to buy a company, AND the most important, SAVE 500 jobs, I give a TON of high 5′s!!! That it’s Patrick Dempsey makes it even more appealing of a story because does this guy REALLY need the hassle in his life? No … having a family, racing & being one of the most popular characters (with the perfect hair!) on the #1 drama on tv & all the grueling hours he is on set … we have our answer. Good for Patrick & better yet for all of his newest employees!!!

    • I am responding to my own post as I failed to put this in the original. Patrick seems pretty intent on keeping this company – hopefully the court system will see it his way but NOT because he is Patrick Dempsey.