The EW GA 9.10 Recap

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Hey Gabblers!

Wasn’t last night’s Grey’s Anatomy a tear jerker?

It was so sad that you might have missed some of it while battling through the tears, but thankfully The EW have written a recap of the episode!

There were two big surprises in last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, oddly titled “Things We Said Today.” The first, of course, was a happy surprise: Bailey actually tied the knot with Ben, after we watched her (a little too easily) run from the altar to help Webber with his ailing wife Adele in the last new episode back in December. The other surprise had to do with Adele’s fate — and it was far less happy: She died.

(Source | The EW)

To read the rest of the very fitting tribute to Adele, click the source link above!

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  1. What a tearjerker! Richard was phenomenal in this episode. His fear, relief and later grief seemed very genuine. The scene between him and Meredith nearly brought me to my knees, I had to watch it at least half a dozen times.

    As sad as I am about the loss of Adele, I almost feel like it had to happen. Richard has been moving on. She had a very graceful, bittersweet (she knew Richard!) sendoff.