Examiner’s 9.10 Review!

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Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are enjoying the new year so far!

Examiner.com has posted a review of GA 9.10, Check it out!

The things we say in the doctor’s office are vital…

They are all useful and sometimes, if not utilized, can result in a twisted incident of fate where things can go from good to completely terrible in a matter of hours. The emotional return of Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 premieres strong, with the drama, romance and humor that makes the series all the more special in the new year! Bailey ran and now it’s time to face her hesitations head on. You know your watching a Shonda Rhimes classic when the happily ever afters are dramatically paired with life-altering consequences, one of them being a tragic death. This hour picked up right where the previous installment left off, with Adele Webber’s life held in the balance and a much-anticipated wedding put on hold. The consequences of the dramatic change is full of laughs, love, tears, other influxes of emotion and even one of the most fun patient cases we’ve gotten in some time.


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Are you all looking forward to the second half of the season? Anything in particular you want to happen? Comment below!

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  1. Adele was one of my all time favorite characters. Loretta Divine is fabulous! Am really going to miss her!