PP Cast Talks to THR!

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Hey Gabblers!

THR spent some time on the Private Practice set during the shooting of the finale!

Here’s what Kate Walsh had to say!

Kate Walsh (Addison)

Dream ending: THR reported in December that the final episode would indeed feature Addision and Jake’s wedding, thus delivering the character’s biggest dream — having a loving husband and children. “It felt very dreamy and symbolic: Addison is being sent off into this new life and all the characters are being sent into their world to do what’s next,” Walsh tells THR. While we know the duo will tie the knot, the actress who has played the character since her inception on Grey’s Anatomy says there will be some surprises in the episode. “There are surprises all the way around. I really believe that the fans are going to be hugely satisfied with this ending. It’s the first time that Shonda has ended one of her shows so it’s a big thing to do to wrap up everyone’s story line. There are some really juicy surprises in the end that I know people won’t see coming.”

Keepsake: “The most important thing I got from that show was my relationships with everyone. I wasn’t concerned with taking something that said Addison; I have so many things that say Addison from over the years so I took tons of pictures and we have a yearbook that we made and put in the crew gift bag with our own personal pictures of all the cast and crew,” Walsh says. “Those are the most important things: the people.”

Next show: Walsh is developing a semi-autobiographical comedy for NBC with boyfriend Chris Case that is awaiting word on its fate.


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