PP Cast on Their Spinoff Ideas

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Hey Gabbblers!

The cast of Private Practice weighs in on last night’s episode and their ideas for a spinoff, check it out:

Kate Walsh (Addison)
On the finale: “It was hugely emotional, and there were a lot of tears. It felt very dreamy and symbolic: Addison is being sent off into this new life, and all the characters are being sent into their world to do what’s next,” Walsh says. “It was great having Audra back; she and Taye are two of my favorite actors. I love seeing them play together, and it was reminiscent of old times. Between takes was my favorite part. I love it because it’s got a littleMuch Ado About Nothing kind of vibe and a bit of Jane Austen in there; it’s a fairytale and fantastic and a really great ending.”
Spinoff idea: “It would revolve around Charlotte and Cooper, and they start their own thing. Or I’d love to follow Violet wherever she is going to go.”

Benjamin Bratt (Jake)
On the finale: “Addison’s life is a kind of a fairytale, so it’s certainly an appropriate ending that she gets the baby, she gets the marriage, she gets the guy and she gets the happiness,” he says. “Audiences have been not only rooting for that but they’ll be gratified to see that’s finally what she does receive.”
Spinoff idea: “I’ll leave it to the writers to come up with something good!” the humble Bratt says with a smile.

Taye Diggs (Sam) 
On the finale: ” So satisfied! I couldn’t have written it better myself. It makes the most sense to me. The Stephanie character was sweet, sassy and a lot of fun, but for Sam, it’s hard to compete with first love and a grandkid — it’s family,” Diggs says of Sam and Naomi’s second attempt at marriage.
Spinoff idea: “It would be about me and Paul Adelstein: We’re surgeons by day, cops by night, and it would be called Cop Docs!” Diggs says with a roar. “It’s an hourlong musical comedy and we’re lip-synching contemporary pop music like Britney Spears. Paul sings only Barbra Streisand.”


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Who’s spinoff idea do you like best?

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