PP/Grey’s Swag Raffle in Aid of PD’s Cancer Charity

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Hey Gabblers!

In aid of Patrick Dempsey’s Cancer Charity, Shannon Gilmartin is holding a swag raffle! Check out the raffle info:

I have done the Dempsey Challenge since its first year in 2009, where I was the top fundraiser with over $10,000 raised that year, and to date have raised over $30,000.  It is because of great donors, support from friends, family and virtual strangers that I have been able to raise so much and help so many people who really need it

Each item will be a prize, so with 1 donation, since I am selling only 100 tickets, there is a 1 in 25 chance of winning one of the bigger prizes.
I have 2 signed Grey’s scripts.
#1 “With You I’m Born Again” written and signed by Krista Vernoff.
#2 “Time After Time” written and signed by Stacy McKee.  (they are the writers of those particular episodes)
The third thing I have is a Season 5 Ad Dept Scarf from Private Practice.  Black with yellow embroidery.
The BIG prize is amazing.  It is a Victorinox Swiss Army Watch (worth probably nearly $1000.  It says Private Practice on the face and the 5 is in red (versus the black of the other numbers) to signify season 5.
I also have a couple of Dempsey Challenge water bottles and a shirt, and will do some baked goods prizes as well.
Raffle tickets are a $20 donation to   http://tinyurl.com/amus9sc per ticket and you don’t need to make a separate donation for each.  For instance if someone wanted to buy 3 tickets, just donate $60 in one transaction.  I will keep track and tell people when we are out of tickets as not all of my donors want to be included in my raffles.
Don’t forget to follow Shannon (@McDreamyBiker) on Twitter!
Good luck, Gabblers!