Does Shonda Have a “Thing” for Paramedics?

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in Amusement, Interview, Shonda Rhimes, Twitter | 3 comments

Hey Gabblers!

Just a little bit of fun for you to giggle at here, straight from Shonda Rhimes’ twitter:

(Source | shondarhimes via Twitter)

So I guess that settles it!

xoxo McRen


  1. I think Shonda has a thing for 2 lovers on an empty beach! Iz and Denny, sheldon and Miranda, Callie and Arizona, and i think there is 1 more i am forgetting! And these beaches are either dreams/day dreams or because someone is dying or even a little of both with izzie!

  2. who doesn’t have a thing for a man in uniform police, paramedic or fireman i’ll take em all cos they usually buffed and HOT!!! just that most of them know it too.

  3. I think shonda has a thing for HOT paramedics! :D