Episode Titles Revealed!

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Hey Gabblers!

The titlesĀ for upcoming episodes for Grey’s Anatomy & ScandalĀ have been revealed!

Grey’s Anatomy

9.15 – Hard Bargain

9.16 – This is Why We Fight


2.13 – Nobody Likes Babies

2.14 – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

2.15 – Boom Goes the Dynamite

(Source|Shondaland Source)


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  1. I’m amazed we’ve had this many episodes in a row without a break. I like it!

  2. sooo?? which episode is gonna be the Valentines episode? bc it has always been the 14th episode but it doesnt say anything about Valentines day in the description.. and plus shonda said that calzona would be back BEFORE Valentines day.. and thats only 2 episodes away (9×14) .. so is 9×14 gonna be Valentines day? :|

  3. do u think that maybe the valentines eppy will be 9×15 “Hard Bargain” bc it plays on febuary 14th?

  4. in february 14th greys is in a break so i think is not going to be a valentines day episode.

    • @Sara, They are not on brake in febuary 14th bc thats when 9×15 plays… it says on the calender