Hey Gabblers!

Should we be worried for the fate of MerDer’s McBaby? Shonda Rhimes talked to TVGuide to calm the fandom. Read below the cut!

“I would like to point out that while I find promos to be awesome… I have nothing to do with the way the promos are cut, so I do not make the promos,” Rhimes tells TVGuide.com.


Read the rest of what Shonda had to say, on TVGuide.com.

xoxo LullyGuhl


  1. I’m scared!

  2. I don’t think we will have anything to worry about in the end, yes bound to be issue’s along the way with her history but i gonna stay positive and say the baby will come normally either episode 23 or 24 :-)

  3. We’ve been shown the spoiler baby bump pictures, so I’m sure it’s gonna be OK. Will we get to see the OBGYN at SGH this time? I really think it’s possible Adison is gonna show up sometime